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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

12/6/2008 c21 4anitsirK
I love it! :)
11/17/2008 c21 3Insanity Found
naw I think that was a very good epilogue but i hope that this story becomes so popular i can find another story telling what happens next on fan fic or something. i feel kinda awkward saying that i mostly enjoyed the naughty happenings but sad that seb's eyes didn't turn green during. i'm always awkward...
11/16/2008 c21 5Not Mary Jane
This is the best fantasy story i had read so far. So swet.

Making me want to have an imaginary friend too. HAHAHA. I sound like a nut case.

Anyway, I just saw the pic links in your profile, and you know what, Lucian's first and second pics are exactly how I pictured Seb.

This story is really really good, it got me all hooked up and making me need to finish it in these two days.

I REALLY LIKE SEB AND MADSY. HAAHHA (okay, i should stop rambling now.)
11/14/2008 c10 3Insanity Found
i forgot to ask that if you babysat akid like david, does that mean you are madsy? =-P
11/14/2008 c8 Insanity Found
this is my second review even though i have benn using fiction press for over 8m yrs. i dont have many favs but so far this is one of them and it is awesome knowing that ii can help make this story an extravagant addition to my favorites. i found the pothering between gray and seb to be very delightful and the reason i liked it was because it told me tht even perfect beings are not truly perfect. either way i would have loved to see more of seb's friends and if they were perfect too or if they were kinda below seb in "perfectness". either way i am having and extraordinary time reviewing this story and seeing how it is very long i hope that i will love it to review this phantasmagorical story. Thankyou or giving me something to do while on my computer.

Insanity Found
11/10/2008 c17 YellowJello
Love the story but couldn't help but notice that Madsy has quite a few middle names...I think it was Ann, then Christine, and now Crake says it's Rose. All beautiful names... maybe you couldn't decide on just one?
11/2/2008 c21 1sherbetsi
No joke, i think this story is possibly and probably THE best that i have read so far on this site.. actually id say the originality of it all even rivals Twilight.. yeah i thought it was that good!

im definately going to check out any of your other work!
11/1/2008 c1 LJANG
I love it. The story had a great start but dragged on a bit in the later chapters. I think it started picking up pace when Madsy was sent to the lowlands; and that is by far my favorite part of the entire fic (the very first day she arrived there). The way you described the scene made it extremely easy to picture it. Bravo~
10/29/2008 c21 zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
im dead serious that words do not describe how unbelievable this story is. i cannot tell you how much i love it. i origionally started to read this story mearly out of curiosity. boy did that cahnge. after the first couple f chapters i was hooked. this is a truly amazing story. i wish that someday this will be published. believe me it was that good including the epilogue. i love this so much that i read the whole thing in 10 hours, with a few interuptions. believe me i had trouble stopping to do something important. this is the most creative story i have ever read. and the whole time it kept my interest which is very important to me. yesterday i read this story for six hours then i went to bed. the story was so good i found myself thinking about it at 6:30 this moring when i first got up and all throughout the day. then as soon as i got home from school[thankfully i didnt have home work] i started reading it. i dont know what more that i could say other than i was amazing and that i loved it. i, in all honesty, cried when Seb had to leave after bringing her home from the lowlands. i also cried when he came back as a mortal while nolan was there[lol], and when he asked her to marry her, and when he married her. i guess im hust a big mushball when it comes to really great stories. and believe i have found more than a couple of stories where i cried. and believe me i have read hundreds from fanfiction and a bunch from fictionpress. wow thats a long messege. all i have left to say is: thank you for a truly amazing story.

10/17/2008 c21 Courtney Colver
This story is so awesomely creative. I loved it! It is officially one of my favorite stories ever. Thank you for sharing it! It was so enjoyable and fun to read. :)
10/13/2008 c21 11acatsrain
I love the story. It was great. I do think the scene was a little rushed but... compared to the rest of the story I really could have cared less.

I could really notice the way Seb slowly and smoothly changed throughout and it was in a flash or anything. This is a great story. If you tweaked it and thought about the world more and stuff I'd say publish worthy.

And I'm from Kentucky and going to college right now too. Born and raised here though if you ask me I'll deny it. Small world, huh? Anway good story, I really liked it.
10/6/2008 c21 dramaqueen89
it's actually pretty good.

don't beat yourself up over it :

I love your story.

Seb is totally a hilarious perv. But he's lovable anyway :)

Can't wait to read lucian's!
10/6/2008 c5 dramaqueen89

“At least for a while.” He raised an eyebrow. “Then I want you to take them off.. Along with everything else.”

-Seb is just too yummy.

Just like Lure (from the contract). Hmm.. If only it were possible :
10/6/2008 c3 chicas89
Ohh mami.

Sebastian is muy caliente.

I'd like a taste of that :

I wish I'd have an "imaginary" friend like that too.

Then we'd explore una otra cada noche maldita. : : :
10/5/2008 c21 1Jackie Ace
I want/need my own Sebastian Bear!

I love this story! It's been a week (I think) and I couldn't get over it! A distraction to my studies! hahaha! kidding! But seriously, this is good stuff.

I love it how you developed both Madsy and Seb into childhood playmates to lovers. I FELT THEIR CHEMISTRY DOWN TO MY TOES! I really liked the kind of love they shared- hot yet innocent, calming yet desperate, wanting AND needing each other... wow. :) My kind of romance! + Fantasy? = PERFECT. One of the best stories I've ever read (not only on Fictionpress, but compared to all books I've read!)

The plot is good and so original and the characters are unique. The twins reminded me SO much ony MY younger sister. I can sympathize with Madsy, only she got it worse having 2. =P And little David! If only my little brother was closer to me... -sigh- I loved the way Madsy narrated... I could feel her emotions (as corny as it sounds) and I found myself crying a bit too.

Anyway, have you heard of Taylor Swift's "I'm Only Me When I With You"? I think it fits the story well!

Thanks for sharing this story! Goodluck with your future fics!
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