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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

7/12/2008 c2 Elle Winters 9
and it begins... =)
7/10/2008 c12 2Shelbaybayz
i love this story!
7/10/2008 c21 MoriMorte
im so sorry i haven't reviewed in such a long time!

omg this is awesome! i love this story! you did such a good job!

i wish i could say something deep and smart- i sound like a total fan girl x( lol

i need to catch up to your new story as well!

your an awesome writer with a huge imagination and if anything ever happens to you i know you can pull yourself out of it and be awesome. if you ever give up on writing that means armaggedon lol

i wish you luck on your writing!

A Dark White Rose
7/9/2008 c21 Dry Pageant
Wow...awesome story. I really loved how everything fit together and just how goofy Sebastian and Madeline were. It was really a great story. Nice work :P
7/9/2008 c21 Elyera Myst
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your writing. It was awesome and so much more than most people on this site are capable of. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your creativity. It was too good!
7/9/2008 c21 2Mercedes Jay
Absolutely loved this story - don't worry about the sex scene being stupid, it's not.

Please continue writing, I will be keeping up with your Lucian Boom story so :)
7/8/2008 c12 curlytopkristi
I love it! good job!
7/8/2008 c21 3AJS
it took me forever and a day to finish this story because I've been in France for the past week and a half, and have just been reading this in my free time. I like this story a lot though. Love Sebastian. Love Seb with Madsy :) I have to say that although I understand that the whole Dylan thing had to happen, I don't really see much of a transition or whatever in his character. I mean, it was just really unexpected, one of those things where you look back on the previous chapters and still can't really understand it, if that makes any sense. The Jackson and Ezra breaking up thing seemed really unexpected and random too. That's fine if you wanted it to happen, so it wasn't like everyone was happy at the end, but it just seemed really quick that Jackson moved on from Ezra and then hopped quickly into not only another relationship, but a marriage? That just doesn't make too much sense. He was with Ezra for so long how does he know that he won't just fall out of love with Fern in the same manner?

Anyways, the story's not really about them. Another thing that kind of bothered me though, that actually did pertain to the actual story and main characters is that Seb says repeatedly that he never loved Fern, and I believe it, but then why is Fern always referred to as his first LOVE or his old LOVE? Doesn't make too much sense. He was only what? 6? And why did Madsy end up forgetting everything about Seb once he left? Did it just hurt her too much that she blocked it all out? How did she act after she discovered that Seb had gone away from her life at the time? We didn't really get much information about that. The transition of Nolan is kind of rough too. It's much in the same manner as Dylan's...

But yay! Happy ending. I love happy endings. Honestly if this wasn't a happy ending then I wouldn't have read it in the first place :x I'm glad they finally had their freaking sex though, hahaha. Long time coming, huh, with all those innuendos and all. Cute story. You've got quite an imagination :) Keep writing! Keep up the good work I love your stories :) And P.S. I love the summary for this story, haha. I hope to read more by you soon.

- Alyssa
7/3/2008 c2 3sassw14
I really like this, its very good.
7/3/2008 c21 Revel in the Night
LOL! I loved it! Very unique and sweet =D You have incredible ideas for this story was like no other I have ever read. I like how you made the "scene" more goofy than intense. It was convenient for you that it suited the characters so well! ;) You have a gift in writing - Please continue! =D
7/2/2008 c21 zombiemoonbeam
OMG! I love this story so much! The ending was not terrible, so you need to give yourself some credit. I understand what it's like to write stuff after school and stuff, I know that it's tough. I am completely in love with this story. Your use of imagination is incredible and if I had the skill to create such things in my head that you have, I'd be a millionare...well...not quite a MILLIONare...but...yeah...haha.

I loved it!
6/29/2008 c13 1liveforthedream
very interesting so far!
6/28/2008 c21 ayoo marie
I loved this story !

It was totally different than regular stories ;

but thats what made the story even better.

6/27/2008 c20 5Fayre Meira
i've left a review already but I just wanted to let you know how beautiful this story is. I love it so much, and i can really picture it in the movies. It'd be awesome and a blockbuster - at least to all those many hopeless romantics out there, including myself. and at the end of watching the movie, we'd all be crying and sighing and wishing for our very own Sebastian Bear.

thanks again for writing this and letting me read it, its so wonderful.
6/27/2008 c21 Fayre Meira
so totally completely original - reminds me a lot of the movie Drop Dead Fred which made me cry, in hindsight... but I love how you've twisted the storyline. and gave it a much happier ending than DDF. I want my own Sebastian now lol
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