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6/3/2008 c21 1Galadeon
And I waited until the very end to get all the thoughts out. I know you aren't updating this story anymore, but it's amazing. If you wanted you could probably make this a truly published, bound book. It would be amazing. I love it. Good luck in your writings!

One question though. Is her name Madeline Rose Hunter? Madeline Anne Hunter? Or Madeline Christine Hunter? You end up using all three at some point. Her middle name changes every time you say it.
6/3/2008 c6 4cabbage.head
aha very happy you finished the story, and also happy that it won the skow award

5/31/2008 c1 simplicity8318
Haha, I just want to say what an amazing imagination you have to think of such a story. It was a really pleasurable read, really unique.


Good luck with your future stories and may you have the same success.
5/29/2008 c21 1decadebydecade
holy crap that was amazing. it was like a freaking harry potter for all romantics. i think i love you.
5/29/2008 c21 Yvonnia
I absolutely loved this story. Sebs is just the cutest thing ever (pervertedness included)...I so totally want an "invisible" friend! My brother had one; it's name was Pat. Sometimes Pat was boy, and sometimes she was a girl...it was weird. Anyway, when I think of Eros, I see the worlds of the Super Mario Brothers videogame. And for the Lowlands, I see the cities from Invader Zim. I don't know why; I guess I'm just cool (weird) like that. The fact that you had characters that did more than sit around and fit the sterotypes found in most romances rocked my socks. For example, instead of Fern being the bitchy ex-girlfriend who does random, pointless mean shit to Madsy, she was actually kinda sweet-a bit misguided, but sweet nonetheless. I adored Lucian, he's so cranky and socially-retarted that I just wanna hug him and see what happens (probablly a decapitation...of me).

I know that I have plenty more to say, but it all escapes me. Just know that I loved it; from the blunt psycho analysis by the combat-boot-wearing teacher, to the rejection by her best friend (which made me cry), to the return of Sebastian and all the drama that followed. Your 'Madsy/Sebbie-Sexy-Fun-Time' chapter was horrible, at all. It was cool, and not graphic to the point of being obscene.

Oh and, David Michael is the sweetest thing ever; he reminds me of Kane from "The Life of Ryan" (The little kid is too smart and too cute for his own good). My little brother just turned 18 yesterday. He called me this morining (he never calls unless he wants something) just to annoy me with completely random questions, before hanging up in my face. The little bastard!

Oh, before I forget. Are you by any chance from the southern half of the United States? I'm not trying to internet stalk you or anything, but it's how you use certain words and phrases that made me wonder.

Alas, I must go now. I have to shower and pack. (I reek of yesterday, and we leave in a few hours.) I'll be looking foward to the sequel. Can't wait to see what the gang get's into, and what really happened in the whole Ezra, Jackson, and Fern affair. Ooh, and will/did Nolan and Ms. Hunter ever realized Seb was THE Sebastian Bear? Oh, the suspense!
5/27/2008 c21 TopazOwl

Haha. You know what? This chapter was pretty damn sexy, but more importantly, romantic. You captured the perfect moment for everyones favorite characters.

Find a publisher. DO IT.
5/21/2008 c21 5Sure as the Dawn
This was a VERY good read! You are talented
5/20/2008 c1 12ShockinglySweet
There are two things that you desperately need to do: First you need to get an editor or a beta reader to fix all the grammatical mistakes and whatnot, and two: you need to start promoting this and get yourself published because this story is so ridiculously good! And maybe not in the way that it's deep and dark and keeps you on your toes and makes your brain hurt, but in the way that it's absolutely original, it's sweet and funny but has it's angsty moments. It has such a clear line between good and bad that it's almost like it's a story for children but it's not...I don't know how to explain it but you should give yourself a lot more credit because if you think about this story really hard, I would almost call it a masterpiece (except that it doesn't have that 'deep and dark and toe-keeping, brain-hurting' element that I was referring to earlier). You're a star :D
5/18/2008 c21 BluePillow
LOved the story!
5/18/2008 c21 2XOMADCRAZZYOX
lalala lovely lemon baby =]
5/18/2008 c21 2midnightbeauty
Oh, don't worry about your 'sexy' writing skills doll :P I thought this was a very good chapter :) It was cute, the whole way even though they were having sex it wasn't disgustingly descriptive, but it was still kind of silly and cute, which is really the dynamics of Seb and Madsy's relationship anyways :) And I adored their Eros marriage! Way cool. Awesome description of that, too, btw. The garden sounds gorgeous :D Well, I have to go figure out how to tell my ex I really don't want to get back together without completely crushing him, so toodles!


5/18/2008 c21 1chocoholics anonymous
Oh my goody-two-shoesness. I liked the story, i loved that i found it after so long, and i think there was just enough detail not to be annoying and just vague enough not to be bad. :) so yay, good job to you!
5/17/2008 c21 12Sorrow the Silver Dragon
Holy crap...

I just finished reading this awesome story! I recall while reading it thinking that it was better than some of the stuff I've read in regular books. Keep up the great work, you my friend have the potential to go somewhere! Can't wait for the sequal with Lucian. I'm sure I'll get just as wrapped up in the sequal as I was in this one!
5/17/2008 c21 Apropos
Fantastic story. Bravo.
5/17/2008 c21 conditionoakland
i loved, LOVED this story. i want a sebastian bear of my own now :D
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