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5/17/2008 c21 NMPress
This was very good dear. I seriously didn't expect them to get married right away but how great! :D Your sex scene wasn't bad at all. I really liked it. I'm so glad you decided to add it because its always a let down when you read stories like this that hint towards the characters getting together and then they never do. Its like... why was it rated M? Why did you have all this stuff in there? Hahah! So I was happy you added it. And it was sweet. I love that they got married in Eros. I hope you have one in Lucian's story too. Speaking of him...I can't wait for his story now. Very excited :D. I hope he gets out. He is love, lol.

Well, all in all dear, your story was very good. Very original and clever. You didn't disapoint at the end at all.
5/17/2008 c21 hairy-mushroom-nose
The whole thing was absolutely adorable! I loved the way the wedding was described and although as you put it I don't think writing 'sexy' stuff is your style it turned out great! Madsy's so adorable and Seb's cute. They're such a great couple... Especially her little speech about how she was probs gonna be bad... Aw, loved it! Well worth the wait and can't wait until the Lucian stuffs!

5/16/2008 c14 xXReader.Desu.YoXx

I swear.


Madsy gets on my last nerve! I've getting SICK of reading about how she so against admiting her feelings, even to her self.

She's selfish and stubborn to the core.

You'd think, that when Seb tells her something bad is going to bad...She'll actually listen.

Because, y`kno-i hope she at leadst remmeber what happened the last time she didnt listen.

Gosh, im getting into this story.

Once she declared she'll go to that stupid party with that stupid neighbor name stupid dylan, i pretty much gasped "NO!"

Rawr. I love this story more than ever.

You can kinda see why Madsy is being hesitant but I'm all up for this with Ezra :D

-sigh, sigh, sigh-

Ima just gonna continue reading & hope Dyan dies this horrible, horrible, bloody death.

That was pretty much just a rant about what was going on.

Over all: Your one of the many talented writer here yet! You bring something amazingly new to the table! it's really refreshing & very exciting.

The whole Dreamland thing is so written well, i just want to..believe
5/16/2008 c21 1Jaeiyola
Oh wow. Just incredible. The sex was exactly how I would imagine it to be, complete with the enjoyable humour.

Marvelous fic, - I have referred it everyone I know. I can't believe it has ended - Madsy and Seb for the win!

Anyways, I can't wait for Lucien Bloom's fic.

Just pure amazingness. =)
5/16/2008 c21 1BreatheNJ
perfect way to end this amazing story!

fantastic job.

this will always remain my favorite story, honest to god.

i have actually printed it out and bound this story in a binder so i can read it whereever i go.


your extreamly talented and i can't wait to read more of your breath taking work!

keep writing,


5/16/2008 c21 1AlexisLovesYou
Yeah! I love this story.
5/16/2008 c21 doodlebug19
seriously, you are retardedly good! i loved every line of it, even the parts i hated...if that makes sense! i cannot wait for lucian boom!
5/16/2008 c21 sarah
silly goose, i thought the sex scene was amazing. ;] you did a great job. it was hot.
5/16/2008 c21 1trix-a-belle
don't worry about the ending it was brilliant, you kept them both in character and the situation in character as well so it rocked.

i'm so sad the story's over :( the story is amazing and i will reread it often because it rocks so much :D

i can't wait for you next story coz i'm sure it'll be as brill as this one.

5/16/2008 c21 Noie
Great ending! I loved how you tied up all the loose ends. Great job.
5/16/2008 c21 Pione
That was really sweet. :)
5/16/2008 c21 AMM3485
I thought it was magnifico! I loved it! I want a Sebastian Bear!
5/16/2008 c8 Amber Salgado
love it lol

5/16/2008 c21 candy-shop-owner
Dont worry about the last chapeter it fit the story very well and the sex part was rather nice! It underlined the stories funny and loving side! Just like the rest of the chaps :) well done!
5/15/2008 c21 Miss Retro
I think you did the "scene" very well-it wasn't sleazy or stupid, but it was tasteful.

Omg, it's over! I'm so sad! :[

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.
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