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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

5/6/2008 c20 9emilybh
YES SEBXY lol, i liked it! am waiting for the epilogue!
5/3/2008 c20 Sarah
5/1/2008 c20 autumnnsprite
hey, i didn't notice spelling mistakes and if i did, they certainly didn't distract from the brilliant story... haha the fact that they have a forum to talk about it should be a compliment in itself, if theyre talking about you its because your story means something to them - don't worry you have awesome talent - I'd buy all your books and books have to be pretty good for me to buy them ;D can't wait for Lucian Boom
4/30/2008 c20 AMM3485
Oh my god, I love Sebastian! He totally rocks! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY!
4/29/2008 c20 WriterGurl123
I don't think I've read a better story than this. It made me laugh, cry, smile, frown and even talk to the computer. lol

I loved watching/reading how Madsy change from before she met Seb, to while she was with him and after everything that happened with him.

I would love if you posted the epilogue and hey-if you want to post the "Love" scene, then feel free too. The more Sebastian the better.
4/29/2008 c1 Amber Salgado

since i have read your story and loved it can you do me the itsy bitsy favor of reading my first ever, baby story I Am Brandy Williams

thank you,

4/25/2008 c20 4Guacamole
oh wow this story is really amazing. i've been reading it over the course of several days and already love it! it is a very original plot line and i enjoy reading it! so yes, please post the epilogue soon!
4/24/2008 c1 pbep2
this is so creapy. i'm just like the main character and when i was a little girl and my dad was in the hospital, i bought him a stuffed bear in from the gift shop and i named it sebastian.

anyways this is an amazing story (i'm reading it for the second time) and i truly believe that if you polish it up more and make it more like a novel than a fictionpress sotry that you could publish it! it's a truly wonderful and original plot. SO cute too! haha.
4/22/2008 c20 Giggless2004
Wow is all I can say. I have been mezmerized by your story, you truly have a talent. I absolutely fell in LOVE with your characters and your story. Your descriptions of Eros, of your characters and of the emotions was really well put I thought, you didn't drag things out at all, but gave just the right description. I LOVE this story and I want a Sebastian all my own! lol. Oh and I can't WAIT for the sequel with Lucian! With the long awaited sex scene, I'm torn either way, in all honesty I think it suits the story better without it in there, we all know its going to happen, we've all seen the intense heat between them, there's always the afterwards you could touch on but I would go with NO SEBSKY just to continue with how your flow is.

My only side comment to give besides my many compliments lol, is take the time to go over and correct your typing and grammar mistakes. I know its so easy to miss them and to say you'll go back over them some other time. Your story is way too good to let those little errors take away from your meaning of the story. Thats my one piece of advice. Some people get very anal and won't continue to read with them in there (Which would be a HUGE shame in this case) I know you were trying to update quickly (which is awesome of you) but for the future ;)

I definitely look forward to the sequel, do not stop writing at all, you do have a talent there and I truly hope you keep with it!
4/20/2008 c20 natalie
first off... YES SEBXY or however u said to say yes to the sex scene! Please do! I cried so hard my mom thought I was having an asthma attack! LOL loved the ending but can't help but think where was the sex LOL amazing!
4/19/2008 c1 hollacreep
aw. poor girl. I would slug him!
4/16/2008 c20 Scars.forever.Scarlet
I love every single story of yours. I Think ive read each of them at least three times . Heh. Talk about obsessed.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seb, and i absolutely love how Lucian sounds, can't wait for the sequel!I *squeals in delight*

Heh, anyway... i can't seem to access the pictures of Characters on your homepage, I keep getting that annoying 'oops we cannot find this page' notice. Hmph. Maybe my damned internet connection acting up.Again. :(. Is there anyway you could send me a mail with the pics?. Please?.

Anyway kep writing amazing stories, you are seriously talented. and YES im a wee bit jealous :P.


P.S. You should totally go for a sex scene in the Epiloge .*grins*
4/16/2008 c20 2XOMADCRAZZYOX
i could barely read the last few chapters i was crying so hard!

I really felt for Madeline, poor girl

I want my very own Sebastian Bear, he sounds sexy and amazing and funny

and completely and totally impossible to find


I would love to see her friend's reaction to him, like Yorkie and the other ones who i forgot their names.

and i wanted Seb to beat Nolan up.

be like RAR!


p.s- cant wait for the sequel

p.s.s- if you need a girl for Lucian in the sequel I'm a more then willing candidate XD
4/14/2008 c20 Sarah
Congrats on your SKOW award! I can wholeheartedly say that this story absolutely deserves it. You managage to create a completely original, vibrant, yet believable world in your writing that I'm blown away by! I can't wait to read they sequal and see what's up with the awsome Lucian.

Thanks so much for this great story!

4/7/2008 c20 7MuseofMagic
I was blown away by that story. I don't know how else to say it. I was absolutely amazed. I loved it! Seb was great. Madsy annoyed me a bit at times, but hey, who can blame her when she's dealing with an insufferable invisible boy? XP

So you said something about a story dealing with Lucian? I am highly intrigued and hope you do do something there. I'm a sucker for bad boys *sighs*
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