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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

4/4/2008 c2 1XX-Heart
i'm very immature and I wanted the number to go to 900 reviews
4/4/2008 c1 XX-Heart
It was an interesting story to read
3/30/2008 c20 gonnabefamous
Usually I'm all for sex but in this case I'm going to have to say No Sebxy...lol. There was closure in this chapter and I think the sex scene would kind of ruin that closure. Anyway loved the story, glad you stuck with it!

3/29/2008 c20 iwishillwilluponyou
aw such a cute ending :3 i'm gonna miss this story now that it's over...
3/29/2008 c20 cerulean sea
Oh my god. I loved this story. It was one of the best fiction stories I had ever read in my life. IT'S SO CUTE. It even made me cry. Thank you.

Really. Thank you for writing a brilliant story. :D
3/27/2008 c20 7dj-baker
that was some awsome story woman!

love your imagination!

hope you got another story like this in store! cant wait for the epilogue please put it up soon!

~i was born brilliant but education ruined me ;p ~
3/26/2008 c20 3OhSweetheart
Yay it was an aewsome ride, just read it all day, I can't wait for the epilogue
3/25/2008 c18 3Bravado Pirate
Yay! Chapter 20 was amazing and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. A few punctuation errors, but who cares? It was so good. Cannot wait for Epilogue and Lucian's story!
3/25/2008 c20 1Color The Sky
Um, your pretty much my hero.

This story is firetrucking amazing.

I can't wait for the sequel! xD
3/23/2008 c20 invisiblelover
yes sebxy
3/23/2008 c20 d0rkifi3d
ahh I don't really care about the sex scene much if you added it I'm sure I would enjoy it :D

haha But yea this was a really nice story =D AWESOME story

I would really like to hear about how Lucian is doing though in the epilogue
3/22/2008 c20 kalee
OMG! ive been following ur story forever and i love it!



keep up the writing!

cant wait for the sequel!
3/22/2008 c20 julizzle
Let me first tell you that this was such a wonderful, amazing, stupendous (and more ego-boosting words) story I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

It could do without the no-no-cha-cha, but I like Sebastian (without clothing on), so DO IT!

3/21/2008 c20 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE
AH! NO! its not here! i cant read anything in this chapter! no fair!
3/21/2008 c20 3Bravado Pirate
Ah! What happened? I can't read chapter 20! NO!
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