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3/17/2008 c20 hairy-mushroom-nose
Well I wanted the long awaited sex scene but if it made the ending not as good then I don't think it would be worth it... but overall YES SEBXY.

I loved the ending! This chapter was so amazing! I have become very emotionally attached to this story. I was crying like ALL through this chapter. :') I loved it. Only thing is Seb kinda needs to explain how he got back a bit better... you sorta hint about stuff but I'm not really sure... Then y'know Gretal hadn't visited for a while. Why was that? Just wondering. Oh and do Michael and Gretal fall in love? Or is it just a friends deal?

Usually do invisibles stay with their friends forever or just their childhood... surely the endings are usually quite messy...

Oh and Congrats on winning the competition thingy! Your story is really original. tis true. =D

Wow, I just really really love your story. I'll get my friend to read it just to show you how much I appreciated it.

Oh and you've got like 850 reviews! That's AMAZING. Ek! O.O

Anywayz, love your story... and looking forward to some LUCIAN!

3/17/2008 c20 26invisible.writer
You have no idea how much I have enjoyed reading this imaginative creativity; it's beautiful. All of the descriptions were so tangible and captivating that I felt as though I were really there. The ending...this chapter in particular went on for quite awhile - perhaps too long. I don't think you need to add that she finds friends in college - I thought it took away from the overall chapter simply because it ran on. As for the sex scene, it's really up to you. It seems a little pointless to add something like that when they have such a pure love - to add would only appease the readers, but not necessarily add to the overall feeling of the book. Again, it's your perogative, but I wouldn't. Perhaps hint it in your sequel (i.e. Sebastian bragging about all the good sex he's had)? Overall well done, and I look forward to your upcoming sequel. Lucian seems like a very complex character. Cheers!
3/17/2008 c20 28woodstock1969
Congrats on your SKoW win! I also loved the ending (I'm a sucker for happy endings as well). As for the epilogue...YES SEX!
3/17/2008 c20 2Mehuh
YAY! I loved the ending! I'm so glad! I was so scared for a moment that somehow.. yeah... god... I'm so glad they were able to! *sigh* Can't find the words. But I loved it so much!

Ah... yes sebxy? Either way, I'm happy. ^^
3/17/2008 c20 6Wind's Whisper
Wha! I can't believe it's over. I've been reading it since you started it, but I can't stop rereading everything!


Lol. You're a fantastic writer! Good luck with the skow!

3/17/2008 c20 6Birds and Boats
i'm so glad you did a happy ending, i love happy endings

i hate the depressing ones or the ones where something happens and the main characters all "things are gonna turn out alright", but really, they're not alright cause the guys not there or whatever. I like the possibility of a sequel, lucian sounds like he needs a little love, oh btw, yes sebxy
3/17/2008 c20 11effection
definitely YES, dude!
3/17/2008 c20 DeadCooKie
I love the ending!

This was a terrific chapter, the best so far! I can’t wait to read the sequel, I vote no SEBSKY though. It’ll seem kinda anticlimax-ish if you write that after this ending. And please let there be more of seb-madsy relationship in college , it’d be great she could flaunt seb under the noses of all those who thought she was socially inept, especially Nolan, that creep deserves it.


This story is totally going to my fav list!
3/17/2008 c20 1trix-a-belle
omg, i was pure dancing with happiness when Seb came back! (it was a strange little jig to be sure).


it would be juts the perfect end. and i can't wait until the sequel!

3/17/2008 c20 14TheNowandFutureQueen
WOOT! Love this story! You are amazing! Thank you
3/17/2008 c20 Lochi
I cried reading the part where Seb was fading. Gosh that was so sad, but the end was beautiful. It was so sweet...they're getting married?haha cool. Seb is mortal and Nolan is an ass. Can't wait till the sequel and I say YES SEBXY! The scene has to be here, because it just has to lol

Thank you for this amazing story and congratulations for winning the SKOW award :)
3/17/2008 c20 Essie
What a perfect ending. It wasn;t a sappy I love you/i love u too and cut - it just made me feel complete.

Anyway my vote is start with an AFTER SEBSKY and by the end of the epilogue randy Seb will probably be going for gold again. Just a suggestion.

Love your story!
3/17/2008 c20 Sarah
Awesome ending! I loved it!

Is Sebastian going to college too now? anyways loved the story can´t wait for the epilogue and yes please! - YES SEBXY!
3/17/2008 c20 Keenon
-swoon- I can't thing of any better ending, it was perfect.

It doesn't really matter to me whether or not you put the sex scene, as long as there's an epilogue, I'm a happy camper.

3/17/2008 c20 vocecara

i love seb! i think you've done a really great job. can't wait for your epilogue and i want a seb! haha.
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