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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

7/18/2014 c3 2Chiisutofupuru
You know, I've decided to spend some(or most) of a weekend reading the rest of this story. Chapter three alone is enough to go into my favorites.

7/17/2014 c1 Chiisutofupuru
That was REALLY well written. You have a way with words for sure. (Being the 1000-something reviewer you've prolly already heard all this but I don't care.)

I'm only done the first chapter and I'm in love with more than one character already. Some how the little brother is just amazing. All of the characters are amazing through this heroin's eyes and thoughts actually. I want to read more, but I'm pressed for time now.

I also spotted maybe two mistakes. One may have been a '...' thing but I'm not sure if you wrote it '. .' on purpose.

The other was that you spelled 'month' wrong once, I don't think I can find that one again but I know you wrote 'moth' instead.

Thank you for the awesome read so far (and thank you for following me so I would find it).

6/5/2014 c4 8Irene Clark
Where do you get these Ideas theyre amazing.
4/5/2014 c21 Guest
That was a great story it truly kept my attn and without all the xxx scenes, that was just fine to me because your story plots, or writing alone carried itself just fine!
3/9/2014 c3 5Disney Is Hardcore
Lol, I think it's probably just me but if some guy appeared in my room I would be horrified, especially if he was demanding sex. Like properly horrified. Also the whole "you owe me sexual favours" thing is really horrible because it's abusive and rapey.

Other than that, I like this story. I feel like you've set it up well with just enough foreshadowing that there will be a plot but not so much that too much is given away. Is Nolan the reason she doesn't have any friends? I have the feeling someone made fun of her for having an imaginary friend and she got upset and sent him away.
2/19/2014 c6 M
Robert Patterson?
Really liked this chapter.
1/31/2014 c21 Shay14689
Loved your story! You should look into publishing it! I'm definitely following you as an author. :)
1/22/2014 c21 darklove78
1/19/2014 c21 Dominique Diane
OMG, I read this story like 2 weeks ago but didn't have time to review, but now I just wanted to tell you that I cried like you have no idea, I mean I was sobbing and 2am. This story reminded me of Once Upon a Nightmare, but in a more colorful way :) I loved Sebastian and will never forget him. Sorry for the crappy review, but I loved this story!
1/1/2014 c7 Guest
Wow...Your are the best writer, ever!
1/1/2014 c7 Taraxoxo
Haha reading this and seeing the little comment at the end about making twilight into a movie made my day
12/16/2013 c7 Wickedforlife
If he hadnt seen anybody in 10 years how would they recognize him? I could imagine if he got to phone call home every week or if he had no contact whatsoever this scene would have been really awkward. You could have played up the tension so well
12/7/2013 c21 Ria
X_X This story is so good. I'm so glad it didn't end with the reality being that she was insane. Sebastian 3
9/29/2013 c21 aleejandra
It took me 2 days to finish this story because of college, I also read in class, but It was all worth it because it is one of the best stories I have ever read. First I read Moon Child, which you could continue because it's very good, and now this, and Im just like wow,now I believe more in magic and I want a Sebastian Bear for me. The story made me laugh and cry. I love the story!
(Sorry for my english, my first language is spanish)

8/18/2013 c21 LeonWolfyBernert
Wow! Simply an AMAZING STORY! :D It was just like the ending to a great anime X3 gosh I love it! Your skills, creativity and hard work is shown really strongly throught-out this amazing story :D I shall definantly consider reading more of your material now! :) "Good Luck With Making More of Your Stories!"
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