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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

3/16/2008 c20 7SouthernQT080490
yes yes yes yes yes yes! YES...please?
3/16/2008 c20 Miss Retro
This was an amazing, nice, long chapter. Just what I like!

I felt so happy when he came back!

YES SEBXY! Hell yes!

3/16/2008 c20 twilights aura
@&#%$@&#%$@&#%$! :crying: Dammit..SO GOOD. And NOSEBXY. Unless it's with me..and Seb..:dies of blood loss: Wait, no..YESSEBXY. I'll steal him one day. Best let him get some experience first. Not that he doesn't have any..:shot:

COUGH. So umm..SEQUAL! OMG! I literally stretched my arms out and screamed yes. My mom even came running into my room thinking I screamed in fear. o_0;

And Lucious? Can't wait to see him sex somebody up. IF it's going to be more romance. Be nice to see his charecter developed more, not that you didn't do a good job of it. Cuz you did..Just that this time we'll get to see more sides of him. And WTF is with this council? Seb and Lucy (hehee..:shot again:) should go beserk and get in monster trunks (without cloths and no roofs or doors..Or ANYTHING to cover them up) and run them over.

I'm off to go fantasize. Before that..:huge massive hug mistaken to molestation: :}


3/16/2008 c20 missholliemae
Love, love, love this story and I vote for YES SEBXY - I can't wait to see them together, after all the trials and all the waiting. I know that they will be so sweet together! Thanks for updating and CONGRATS on winning most original plot!

3/16/2008 c20 1AlexisLovesYou
3/16/2008 c20 NMPress
Wow. Just wow. So this is going to be a long review, but I'll get right to the point. First off. YES SEBXY! I WANT THE LONG AWAITED SEX SCENE IN THE EPILOGUE PLEASE! *begs and offers cookies and kisses* :D

Secondly, this was an amazing story and I loved the ending. I'm so glad he became human and I never suspected the wishes. I should have. You are good, dear. Truly.

The sequel sounds just so freaking awesome. You have no idea. I loved Lucian and now he will have his own story? That rocks. I can't wait.

You have an incredible imagination. Truly. It blows my mind that you have created this world and these people and you... you just did it all so vividly. We were sucked into this place and fell in love with these people. That is a great thing. As an author its a true talent. Absolutely miraculous. Thank you.

I can't wait for the epilogue and I can't wait for the sequel. I loved this story and you are a great writer. I just... LOVED IT! :D
3/16/2008 c20 Jess
3/16/2008 c20 DOLCEVITA

This story is amazing! I love it! I can't wait for the epilogue!
3/16/2008 c20 maidengarnet
I so love you for posting the happy ending all at once, and not splitting it up and making me miserable... I love it! And damn, you're seriously thinking of NOT showing the sex scene? We've all been waiting for it since Seb came back! So, fine, YES SEBXY
3/16/2008 c20 i LOVE seb
oh YES SEBXY most definitely YES SEBXY!
3/16/2008 c20 8lunacy and literacy
lovely lovely. yaay! finalyy.

-one thing i always wondered, though: how/when did sebastian and fern get together if seb was in the lowlands that whole time that he was away from madsy?

..but anyway, wonderful story, i absolutely loved it! can't wait for the epilogue and i think as far as the 'sebx' goes, i feel like it would fit the story to be included since seb spent much of his time trying to reach this goal. however, i wouldn't say i'd be disappointed without it, so... yeah, i guess that's not very helpful. i'm mostly indifferent, but i'd say go for it.

i want an imaginary friend now. =/
3/16/2008 c20 1Fleeting Moment
That was one of my all time favorite storeis!
3/16/2008 c20 Larf

btw, you are amazing. that was amazing. woo!
3/16/2008 c20 Dances-With-Pen
Oh my gosh, that was so sweet. I love this story and I loved the ending. I can't wait until the sequel. And YES SEBXY
3/16/2008 c20 1eliza-smiles
..wonderful...brilliant...re-readable...you should totally hand this in to be published cause then i can buy it for me and my friends and read it whenever i want to... great work...the ending was perfect i think for their adventures... but one question did David Michaels friend gretel start vising him again?
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