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3/16/2008 c20 atreyu love
i basically love your story!

and seb and her together! i love it!

and i teared up when they parted XD lol.

and to your question, yes :D

ps: i can NOT wait for the sequel because i love Lucian :D
3/16/2008 c20 g
GREAT STORY! I love those two and I'm soo freakin' excited that you're doing a sequeal! Even though the focus is on Lucian and his heroine will we still see Seb and Madsy? Please say yes, I would like to see them and their interactions with a free Lucian.
3/16/2008 c20 anna

3/16/2008 c20 1MZ PEACHESZZ

SERIOUSLY, I will KILL you if you don't put sebxy in the epilogue...I will castrate you, dump hot tar, stick feathers, plunge you into boiling water, and make a pimpled,braces, oily boy french kiss you if you don't have the long awaited sex scene...I AM SERIOUS!
3/16/2008 c20 4karatekid369


*pants* Let me try that again. I am so happy they get to be together!
3/16/2008 c20 OoohLookACat

(i failed my exam and that might have factored in but thats not the point)

i felt madsy's pain

and then

when they reunited

i was like "oh god, madsy dont faint!"

i knew he'd become mortal

i knew it!


as for sebxy...


on one hand

after all this time

we should get something other than a perfect ending

but on the other hand

i think should we just leave it at that perfect ending?

so i dunno

yes and no...

but that doesn't really help

can't wait for the last chapter

i absolutely LOVE this story

you are totally the best

if this was a book

i would buy it

(when i had enough money)

3/16/2008 c20 bridgette261
I just want you to know that I just completely ditched my history project to read this and it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT :)

I was teary a few words into the chapter and I'm still teary as I type. and...YES SEBXY PLEASE! haha

Congrats on the SKOW awards

I can't believe you're almost done with this. I'm glad you're writing a sequel though. Sometimes, authors just stretch out the story. But this time...I can really see the sequel happening. I bet you make Ezra and Lucian get together...that would explain so much. Haha. CAN'T WAIT
3/16/2008 c20 Hannah.Kristin
Wow...all I can say is wow...

That was a fantastic chapter.

This is an amazing story.


(yes SEBSKY.)
3/16/2008 c20 Melissa
AH, I am immensely happy right now. Ecstatic. Now, if only I had my own Sebastian Bear. And I am very excited for this sequal about the certain brooding bad boy from the Lowlands =]

Can't wait. And, of course, yes to the Sebxy, cus, the boy's just the most wonderful thing out there and makes me wish literary characters were real.
3/16/2008 c20 Shayla
MY WORD! you ended it SO great. i loved it! and yes, there were teary eyes when i read the reunion. Wow. i really loved it, and i am so glad that you made it a happy ending! otherwise... well... it would not have been good. :D but YES! i am thrilled to know that there will be another story for Lucian. i think his voice needs to be heard. Will he end up with ezra? he should. they would be cute as soon as he works out his little bad boy issues. and as for the epilogue... i think that you know Madsy and Seb best, so if that is what needs to be done, SO BE IT! either way i know it will be awesome. I really think that this story needs to be published, i would definetly buy it. I can't believe this story is over! *sheds tears* waiting for lucian's!

as usual, too lazy. MirrorMirrorOnTheWall
3/16/2008 c20 6Felicia Marie Burriss

lol it would just add into the really really really great story that you've already written.
3/15/2008 c1 eatmysocks
I'm not much of a fantasy person, so whenever I saw this on someone's favorites list, I skipped it without a second thought as soon as I saw that it was under the fantasy category. HOLY COW. Now why in the world I skipped this story . . . Well, let's just say I'm drop-kicking myself for not reading this any sooner.

First of all, goodness, you! Sebastian's so lovable. I love your characters and at times, I have to admit Madeline pissed me off with her indecisive ways and how she seemed to jump from mood to mood, but I guess this is what happens when you got a hott, purple-eyed, dark-haired, tattooed, lip-ringed, god in front of you! Hell, I'd probably react the same way. I don't know if I would've had the same amount of control (I'd probably have jumped the guy the moment I saw him. After my shock of course, but that's a whole other story. ^_^ )

I'm so sad for Madsy! I really hope she and Seb will find a way to be together. Will you explain how Seb somehow materialized for real in front of Dylan? I can't wait to see how things will unravel in the end!

I love the world you created here with the invisible friend and it makes me wish I had one when I was young. I really love this story and you know . . . a happy ending would make me love it even more. *hint*hint*nudge*nudge*

All that aside, thank you so much for sharing this story on fictionpress! I can't wait to read the last chapter!
3/14/2008 c19 Lady Katreina
-...- much weeping! Thank you for updating. (Sobs)
3/13/2008 c19 Miss-Simmone01
So I'm not sure if i reviewed your story or not yet but feel compelled to encourage you to continue this story. I think this story is amazing and i love the fact that the premise for this story is anything but typical.I hope you continue to update, me likey
3/12/2008 c19 leemya
I Love your story!


I hope they find a way to be together.
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