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2/24/2008 c15 NMPress
OMG! NO! WHAT? *cries* That is crazy. Poor Madsy. She can't be in a coma. Ah. And now Seb is gone. :(

Well this chapter seriously freaked me out. I was so scared. So sad.


Now I have to read more and make sure things get better.
2/24/2008 c14 NMPress
AH! I was so sad this chapter. It made me cry, seriously. I was shocked when stupid Fern kissed Seb (though I do know that he didn't want it, but still!) and now Madsy is going to the party? No.

Seb is right. Something bad is going to happen. Gah. I wish she would have just told him she loves him. Aww. This sucks now. Poor Madsy. I feel for her, I do. The guy she loves and finally admits that she loves was kissing someone else, who is perfect. That is so crushing. As a writer you did it very well, especially when your reader is so emotionally connected and involved. :) Great job.
2/24/2008 c13 NMPress
Wow, very informative chapter! We found out a lot, didn't we? I really liked it and I'm so glad that the people in Seb's world like Madsy (despite his father). And I can't wait to find out what Ez heard in the wind. :)

I did want to mention one thing. During the flashback Madsy had, I felt that the two of them weren't being... kid enough. Does that make sense? They were speaking more like teenagers. I thought they were only supposed to be like nine or ten. Hmm. But maybe its just me. Perhaps they were quite intellegent for their ages. We know Seb was anyway. Hehe.

But yeah, that is small. It was still great and I loved the ending! :) And of course, I think Nolan is a jerk. Ugh.

Now to read more.
2/24/2008 c12 NMPress
Yay, another beautiful chapter! :) He loves her. That was so sweet. It melted my heart. Aww. And she was so jealous! Lol. That made my day that he realized it. I just wish she would admit it though.

Ek. I'm sort of scared for her to go to that party with Dylan. I mean, I liked him at first but now he seems creepy. Like he is going to rape her or something. Haha, nah, that might be too dark for this fic but I do think that he is going to do something bad.

I hope that Seb becomes real in the end. I mean, I guess it would be awesome if Madsy went to his world and lived with him there forever but for some reason I want her to stay in her world with him and him become real! Hehe. And that way she can rub it in Nolan's face. :P

Off to read more.
2/24/2008 c11 NMPress
Wow, So I have been reading this fic like non-stop! Haha. Its very good, dear. I apologize for not reviewing until now but I just couldn't seem to stop! I really love your idea. Its so amazing, so original. And flawless. I mean, your imagination is incredible to me. Inspiring really. And your characters are just to die for. Sebastian is hiarlious! And he isn't perect. That makes me smile. Really. He is like the best character I have seen in a long, long time. So great job. And Madsy is done really well also. I love how she resists, you know? I mean, she doesn't just fall for him and hop into bed with him in the first day (though we wanted her too ;)) but she is real.

The plot is getting more and more complex and I can see some hints/foreshadowing every now and then. Its lovely.

I really want Madsy to confront Seb about Fern! I was so sad about that. We as readers know that Seb loves Madsy but she doesn't! Hehe.

I can't wait to read more, and I shall soon. I just wnated to stop quick and review for you because this is amazing. Even in the chapters like this that you don't like. I think they are wonderful. Thanks dear. :) Keep up the good work.
2/22/2008 c18 1guardian-of-the-seven-sins
WAH! so not fair! please tell me that a happy, or at least fairly happy chapter is comming? please? you know what, i think the solution to all of Mad's problems lies in having sex with seb. yep. problem solved... LOVE THE STORY!
2/18/2008 c15 Lochi
oh my...you can't be serious. Madsy has to come back and soon. It wa so sad. That stupid neighbour of hers. he sounded so sweet and att and in the end, he was such an asshole, Seb should have killed him :(

Poor Seb, it will be so hard for him now and poor Madsy...Gosh this was pretty depressing chapter, but great
2/18/2008 c14 Lochi
noo Madsy, don't go to the party :(

This was amazing. I loved it, mainly the beginning, I love their closeness. It's so cute and sweet, when I'm reading about the couple.

But now their fight, what the hell was Seb and Fern talking about? I wanna know. Oh an I wanna know what's the deal with lowland and the secrets. God I'm so sad, that Madsy didn't tell Seb she loved him :((
2/18/2008 c13 Lochi
I hope I won't see Madsy waking up without Seb in the next chapters. I wouldn't survive with them stuck in different worlds, really no :(

It's always so funny, when she's talking with someone and Seb is present. It must be hard to ignore him, and when she doesn't, she looks like a freak haha

Her mom must think she's already crazy.

One last think I love, is how Seb always repeats that he loves her...ahh :)
2/17/2008 c12 Lochi
wonderful chapter. I loved the ball, their dance and the end. He loves her? But he was drunk, or wasn't he? And did he mean it only friendly? uff I'm confused now haha

I love this story, really. The sexual tension is pretty good :) And then, how you change their moods it just great. Madsy and Seb have a discussion and we can see so many emotions, they are angry, in love, in lust, they're sad, they're annoyed...everything. It's amazing :)
2/17/2008 c11 Lochi
little invisible girl is scared of Madsy...hm...interesting

I don't know why, but I loved it when Madsy told Seb that he's too good looking for her. Btw I excepted more romance between them in the morning. After the nice ending of the last chapter :)
2/17/2008 c10 Lochi
Grey and Seb are hilarious lol

She was funny when she was drunk, and I'm so happy that she didn't push Seb away when she was already sober. I liked it pretty much haha

Great chapter, super long again. I enjoyed it :)
2/17/2008 c9 Lochi
you described pretty well her jealousy. The kiss was so sweet, but then...arg I hate dead flowers, I hate Fern =( And she's going to Dylan...I'm pretty curious about what will happen.
2/17/2008 c8 Lochi
Great chapter again. The dreamland looks so cool and I felt sorry for Madsy. But I understand Sebastian's dad, he haven't seen his son for 10 years, I'd be pissed too.

Grey...hm...he sounds hot, hotter than Sebastian haha Then Dylan...too many guys suddenly, Seb must be pretty jealous. Ans so is Madsy, I loved how she felt because of Fern, cool name btw.
2/17/2008 c7 Lochi
super long and super great chapter. Haha the swimming pool and Sebastian staring at Madsy, I'd kill him too =))

Then...her dream what wasn't dream at all was pretty hot. He really attacked her in her sleep, Seb u perv lol
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