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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

2/17/2008 c6 Lochi
I'm curious about Seb's family, if they are normal people, or invisible people too...Great chapter. He's so adorable, when he's talking about sex haha. The only thing he's thinking about...oh and cookies lol
2/17/2008 c5 Lochi
haha the last lines were hilarious. And the whole scene when Sebastian was present during their dinner. I was laughing pretty hard. He is such a pervert but you gotta love him :)

You created really good character, Sebastian is amazing =)) I want one for myself too lol
2/17/2008 c4 Lochi
aww great chapter...Sebastian, you naughty pig lol

He's just great, like madly in love with her. I like it how he forces her to say things and stuff, I don't know why, but it imposes me =)

Great story so far :)
2/17/2008 c3 Lochi
Wow, this story seems to be perfect. Great idea. I would love to have anb imaginery friend who would be hot just like my ideal guy and who would know how to make me feel good haha

The scene with Nolan telling her he's leaving was very well written, I felt sorry for her. But thanks to Nolan Sebastian is back haha, perverted as hell lol
2/16/2008 c18 1Cortie
I just wanted to tell you that I think this story is amaizing! And, your one of the few authors i've come accross on this site with original ideas. I was hooked from the first sentence :) I started reading this story when you published part 18, and for a week before and after work I would come home and read as much as I could, before my eyes started hurting. LOL, anyway im addicted to your story I cant wait for the next installment, and I honestly think it should be published. I would buy it in a heartbeat :)
2/9/2008 c18 Pop the Bubble

i'm dying here

i read this all of yesterday and today!

and now i really want an update!


i'm seriously so desperate for the rest of the story its not funny! i'm crying from the suspense!

:( :(

and i'm kind of out of synonyms for wanting an update so.. all i can say is:

2/9/2008 c18 Miri

I read all of your story so far, and

I love it alot!

I've always had a fascination type thing for invisible

people like in movies.

Drop Dead Fred, Don't Look Under The Bed,

and even Little Monsters [even though it's about imaginary monsters].

It's written very well, and I like how it feels so real

when i'm reading the story.


Great characters.

After reading, I want an invisible friend now.


esp. one like Seb.

Thanks for writing!

Your newest fan.
2/8/2008 c9 2akaCHEEKS
woah dude your chapters are so long. that's a good thing though. more reading for me. but my eyes hurt so much from all the reading and now i'm having doubts whether or not long chapters are good or not.
2/8/2008 c7 akaCHEEKS
haha i just finished chapter seven. and woah! yes i agree with you on edward cullen! when i read that.. i was like he sounds familiar.. then i read the bottom line and see twilight! woah! we read the same books. awesome.
2/7/2008 c18 3JoCa
That was the best read I had in a while, except of course for novels.. Keep up the good work and good luck with the competition :D I voted for you.. I love your plot, it's incredibly moving..


2/4/2008 c18 creative barcode
you are such a good author... the plot is so unique and i just love this... this is so good.
2/2/2008 c18 1chocoholics anonymous
the idea of Sebastian leaving Madeline forever is so SAD! I'm hoping you will stay true to your prediction of a happy ending though..

So I found this story a long time ago-say 8 months or so- and i loved it, but then i never really looked at the title so when i tried to find it again i couldn't. I was so upset, i searched 'Bear,' 'invisible,' 'Sebastian,' and all these other combos of them but nothing came up. you see, i didn't favorite your story before because i hadn't actually gotten around to creating myself an account. Then, out of the blue, i saw 'Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert' on one of my other Fav. authors' accounts and i swear i jumped up and danced a jig. So. yay. Now that I've scribbled at you for quite some time...AWESOME JOB! I love your work.
1/31/2008 c18 1mr. wonderfulabs
my deaar, you must update.
1/29/2008 c18 spamisblue
mygod, I love this story. I check it (faithfully...lol) everyday! It's so well written and fresh and new. I've never read anything even similiar to this story line before, so I'm extremely impressed. The characters are so well developed, and honestly, I've only noticed TWO grammar/spelling errors throughout the entire thing. You're doing amazing! I stink at grammar and stuff...hehe.

Keep writing!
1/28/2008 c18 AnswerKey

You left off at the most opportune moment didn't you? You probably planned leaving here, so we're all wondering what's going to happen.

A very nice chapter. I didn't notice any grammar mistakes.

Update soon please!
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