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4/25/2007 c7 Annegelic
More more!


I really wish Madeline would stop acting like a prude he he he.
4/24/2007 c7 Sten
awesome i cant wait till the next chapter!
4/24/2007 c7 9Singingperson
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful story.

Please do continue. :)
4/24/2007 c7 16InsanePhoenix
I love the chapoter, seb got some fun lolo, not as much as he wanted though, why can't madsy remember most of the time she spent with seb? And I definetly agree that Twilight should be made into a movie, it's brilliant :)
4/24/2007 c7 Driew
woah. super long. heh. awesome chapter. you did a great job describing the dreamscape. it was like i was really there. except my dreamworld would be full of chocolate and ryan gosling and chips&gravy and m...all that good stuff. heh. great work and i cant wait for more.
4/24/2007 c7 6Rogue-writer-16
Again, i love Bear. He's so adorable but very very sexy. I'm loving this story, it's so much fun to read and very cute. Love the extra length too! Whoever said size doesn't matter lied! any way, great story and keep writing.


4/24/2007 c7 Erin Bear
I love this story! Please update soon!

I wish I still had my invisible friend. :(
4/24/2007 c7 10Katatza
aw cute! I love Seb's mom!
4/24/2007 c7 11its raining purple elephants
wow, this was a really long chapter, but it kickes arse.

dreamland seems so cool, i want to go there. it kinda reminded me of that show where if something was drawn on a chalk board and erased then it would go to this chalk world. i dont remember what it was called, now its going to be bothering me. garh. oh, and hollywood really needs to make twilight into a movie, but do you think theyd have to cut stuff out like they do to other books-into-movies?
4/24/2007 c7 Nake
Woo! You just made my day a little bit better
4/24/2007 c7 12sunflowersing
THANK YOU! I LOVE long chapters! It makes me so excited. When I checked my email for updates I practically screamed! YAY! Groping scene was well written. I could say, "It's not too early! What are you talking about?". But when you think about it, all this sexual tension is going to build up into something great, awesome, powerful, and most of all, magical. Please do update Thursday or Friday. But if you feel the need to post earlier, I'm not stopping you! *wink wink* :-D

Seb's mother is just one of the sweetest ladies. And dreamland is so... so DREAMY! Sebastian is JEALOUS! Hehe! But hey, who could compete with a gorgeous tall, athletic, tatooed, pierced, fit, and purple eyed sexy beast? I certainly couldn't. If I were Maddsy, I would have already have given in by now. Well, at least kissed him. Man! I wish I had an invisible friend. But then again, maybe I do and I just don't remember. :-(

4/24/2007 c7 skibunny
That world, Seb's home, sounds... amazing. I would LOVE to go to a place like that. Green, green grass, flowers, TALKING BUTTERFLIES... What a great imagination you have. I wonder if Fern might pop up? Update soon!
4/24/2007 c7 8Lethe's Oblivion
LOVE your story. Especially Sebastian. Honestly, I dunno how Madeline has been able to resist him so long. It's actually kind of tiring the way she keeps denying that she likes him when it's pretty obvious she does. I hope the girl comes to her senses, and I hope that somehow the two of them can work out the whole different worlds/Sebastian being invisible deal. Anyway, Awesome story. I hope you update soon.
4/24/2007 c7 17MirrorMirrorOnTheWall
This chapter was as good as gold. When will we find what happened their last day together? Hm? Oh well, i will try to be patient. Until then, keep posting! and YES! they do need to make twilight into a sequel! I just can't wait till the third one comes.

Love your story, Shayla
4/24/2007 c7 cherry eyes
another spectacular chapter. *applause* I'm really starting to like Seb, not that I didn't before, I just like him a whole lot more. Though I find myself itching to know what happened between Seb and Madsy all those years ago, and what nasty Nolan had to do with it.

I hope you update soon. I'm on the edge of my seat.

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