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for Sebastian Bear Invisible Pervert

8/28/2011 c20 Pumpkin.-.-.Kween
Love this story. Sweet and the way you describe things puts a clear and vivid vision in my head, not a easy task when describing fantasy worlds.

I just wanted to say that there's a movie out starring Alyssa Milano (Sundays at Tiffany's - 2010) that I think is a ripoff of your story (and no where near as good as your stories btw). Its not close enough that its blatantly obvious that it's your story but I'd bet money that the person read this story and was inspired to write theirs. Its more like the base of the story is the same as yours and they wrote around that. Its about a girl who had a imaginary friend growing up and now she needs him in her life and he shows up because thats what he does, shows up when she needs him. He's goofy and fun like Sebastian. Aaaaand of course they fall in love. Theres no "dreamworld" visits, its completely in the human world. Your story is way better. IF the writter was inspired by your story, I think that's a whole lotta shady. Theyre supposed to be professionals who are already in the business and have to steal other peoples stories? Pathetic.
8/17/2011 c21 ka3na
This was such a great story! :) I am absolutely in love with it :) I am excited to read your other stories as well. Great job! Really, its such a unique and different story, I couldn't help but fall in love with it :)
8/11/2011 c21 5falsettodrop
This is such an amazing story! So creative, and unlike anything I've ever read before. I'll admit, the only reason I read it was because a lot of my internet buds rec'd it to me, because I don't normally read Fantasy, but this was fantastic!

Oh, Sebbie. He's so amazing, gorgeous, caring... and totally horny. Haha. I loved him! Though I admit he was a little tooooo pervy in the beginning, in the end he was just sweet. I loved him!

And Madeline, she was a great heroine! She got quite annoying at time with her denial and I was so frustrated with her, but that made it just that more realistic. I mean, don't we all get like that in denial?

When Seb left, all I wanted to do was cry :(

I loved Nolan in the beginning... but then he just got weird. It was quite fucked up how he just turned into a total jackass overnight.

Question, though. Did Madsy really never love Nolan? Because I think she did. Just a little. And then his assholiness made her fall out of love with him, heh.

Amazing story. Beautiful!
7/29/2011 c21 1Ceri Anne
So, when I first started reading this I thought it was going to be kind of like drop dead Fred, but as I read more I realised that although the original idea was very similar, the story itself is so original and unique! I couldn't stop reading (even when I was at work! Whoops) Can't wait to go and read more of your work! You are very talented!
7/17/2011 c21 hydrophyllis
I need a Sebastian. Really bad. I'm not a complete loner, but I often do feel lonely. I never had an invisible friend, but if he is gonna be like Seb, I'd take him and probably give up finding my mortal partner( If he even exist). Your story is 3!
7/15/2011 c5 MeMe
I love this story.

It just makes me smile. It's funny and Sebastian is just really entertaining.

7/3/2011 c21 nella1208
This was definatly one of the best stories i have ever read! It was amazing, no joke it had a little bit of every emotion and i loved it. You have a real talent and im looking forward to all of your work to come!:)))
6/13/2011 c21 screamo

Your unending imagination fascinates me to no end. How you created the world of Eros baffles me. The magical atmosphere made me gasp in shock and awe. In some ways, I feel as though I do relate to Madsy (being alone and all), but Sebastian's personality just brightens up my day. His undeniable love for Madsy, along with his perverted comments kept me laughing throughout the whole reading experience. The ending was sweet and the descriptions kept my mind vividly imagining the characters and the surrounding environment.
5/31/2011 c3 me
Wow, the concept alone is amazing on itself, but combined with wour writing = addicted me to your story!
5/8/2011 c3 16non.graceful
Already I love it. It's different :)
5/8/2011 c2 non.graceful
You know I love this story, especially the bits with her little brother. He's a star :)
4/16/2011 c21 Becka Syllan
I just finished this story and I loved it :D There were some parts that were so innocent, with them all playing pretend and it reminded me of when I was a kid and when everything was so carefree. And then there are other parts that are so dark that makes you just have to read to find out what happens. This story was a perfect blend of these two completely contrasting themes, that is a very difficult thing to do and you have done it brilliantly :D
4/15/2011 c21 2MuffinsRoxSox
Oh my gosh. Four days of reading and now it's over. I can't believe it! THIS STORY IS AMAZING! Sebastian is such a sweetheart. Even if he is a pervert. :) You know, at first when I saw the title, I thought it was going to be like, you know, a pedo bear. Well, let's just say that I'm glad it isn't. I mean, can you say creepy? Anyway, just wanted you to know that that was really awesome. :) I'm so glad I read this.
4/5/2011 c6 6xClutteredxChaosx
I love Sebastian. He's very...persistent ;)
3/17/2011 c21 Pumpkin.-.-.Kween
I review stories whether I like them or not because I think as a reader we owe the writter that much for being brave enough to put their work out there in the first place. I'm brutally honest in my reviews and to be truthful, most of the time stories are lacking a lot.

I have to tell you, you're story is one of my favorite stories on FP. You get a ton of points for sheer creativity alone. The story was well thought out and your descriptions made it easy for me to imagine the faraway lands you were writting about. I'm very impressed. You are very talented and I will definately be reading more of your stories. I don't read a story until it is complete so as badly as I want to read the Lucian story, I'll try my best to practice patience, wish me luck with that :).

The only things I would have changed about the story is the overly horny thing with Sebastian in the beginning. It was a bit too much for me... unless you made Sebastian a virgin, which if Im being honest, I think you should have done. If he grew up (atleast through his teenage years) in a Hell world, sex would be the last thing on his mind even IF he was a hormonal teenager. The only thing that would have made me believe the over active hormones thing would be if he hadn't ever had sex before. I think you shouldve had Sebastian tell her he was a virgin at the end during the sex scene. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth... which um.. is apparently 2 cents? hm. *cocks eyebrow and looks around room ackwardly*

well, thanks 4 entertaining my brain.
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