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3/6/2007 c3 volleychick89
I knew there was a reason I never made up an imaginary friend when I was younger. I was saving the world from one more hormonal boy, I AM a hero. Score and update! These have been really quick, thats cool. Just curious, does Sebastion have the mentality of a six year old or did he just kind of seem like that because he was talking about sex relentlessly and sort of innoccently. Like it was no big thing for them to jump in the sack after meeting. nice job, keep it up!
3/5/2007 c3 lis
I love this. It is definitely an original take on the idea of imaginary friends.

I'm especially interested in these lines referring to Nolan's part in Sebastian leaving:

"...we were friends before him. That stupid skinny bastard. Because of him I g-...”

and: “Nolan that little shit... speaking of being paid. Its about time he gets what he deserves.”

Did Nolan pressure her to grow up and stop playing with her imaginary friend or something? It seems like something he would say since he 'feels sorry for her' and thinks she needs to stop 'using him as a crutch'. Jerk.

Anyway, I love it. The main character is very easy to relate to and not whiny, annoying, or overly "I'm-so-weird-and-unique-but-in-a-quirky-way-that's-cute" as many main female characters are on FP. And you seem like a regular updater, which is awesome. I'll definitely be checking back in on this one.
3/5/2007 c3 Krissy
I really like this story and I hope you update soon.


Sebastian is my type of guy.
3/5/2007 c3 Champagne2
*wipes tear from eye* That's right, I was laughing so hard that I cried. It's just out right great. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. =(. Hope ya feel better. This story is fab though...I just used the word "fab", ignore that. Keep the chapters coming. Big smiles, because that makes people think you're on drugs. =D lol
3/4/2007 c3 1soFresh'likepomegranate
hahaha, Sebastian is so cute, and of course pervy, but in a good way? and you gave him a piercing and a sextastic body! swon. hehe, the dark corners of dream world have fab places to work out at? I wanna go there! must have incredibly good lookers there. I think I'm in love with him already...xD hope you get better! and longer chapters? amazing :D I feel bad for 'Madsy' She's up for a ride with Sebastian the horny horny imaginary friend. I think he'll keep trying to seduce her and will start to grow on her. lucky lucky girl.
3/4/2007 c2 2Never-Ending Sarcasm
Heh. Can I smack Nolan upside the head? It'd make me happy :)

Okay, if someone was in my bed that shouldn't be, I'd probably scream bloody murder.

Update soon! Oh...and thanks for the golden stars :)
3/4/2007 c2 6Birds and Boats
you're awesome, ahah, i just finished reading skinny dipping with grover murray, and that was just stellar, so heres hoping that this story will be as good, if not better than your previous endeavours.
3/3/2007 c2 volleychick89
!awesome Sebastion Bear is coming up in the next chapter! haha, I feel really, really sorry for Madeline. I would freak out so bad if I were her...hm, on second thought maybe I should feel bad for Sebastion, if I were her I'd probably kick the monks out of him. Huh, well I guess I won't know whats going to happen till you update. great job, keep it up!
3/2/2007 c2 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
OH god, that was hilarious! Nolan is... I can't say I hate his character but he's just so... horrible to have done that to her, minus the fact she needed to be more sociable. It's just so mean.

Anyway, yay for cliffhangers?
3/2/2007 c2 12sunflowersing
Uh oh! Who could this mysterious, husky voiced male be? I admit that the first meeting... being in a bed... her bed... is quite funny. Please update soon!

Smiles :-D,

3/2/2007 c2 cherry eyes
o I hate cliffhangers, but otherwise a very good chapter. I especially liked the end, even though you ended it like that. I sort of glad that Nolan won't be in the big picture. I found a little annoying. Anyways great story, great skill, and I hope to read more soon.

3/1/2007 c2 swimchickslam
HAHA! Nice ending!

I feel so bad for Madeline.. Nolan was a bit harsh.. but in a way, I think she needed it, no?
3/1/2007 c2 3Lady Wrye
Wow, Nolan was harsh...

You need to update soon so I can read what happens next! (No I'm not demanding or self-centered..)
3/1/2007 c2 Rachelle
I really like your story. Pretty please update soon.
3/1/2007 c2 7nyxrabea
I can't believe Nolan said that to her! I like Madeline's character. she's strong, yet no overly so that it makes her unbelievable. In fact, i like all you character development...and you writing in general... and the story. creative plot. me likes :) can't wait for the next chapter
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