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for Five Moderately Easy Steps to Having a Life

2/28/2007 c1 I rock
this was fantastic u have to have a sequal preferably a reealy long sequal cos i love it
2/27/2007 c1 1partie traumatic
to say that I love this story would be an understatement. There must be a sequel. I would definetaly read it if you did one.
2/27/2007 c1 25Esquirella
I loved this piece. I really, really did! The punk and the painter! So much fun to read!
2/27/2007 c1 2Falconwings14
Aw, coolness! I loved the self-help format...and the characterisation. That just left me feeling all fuzzy inside...
2/27/2007 c1 5jacksy
brilliant, really well written, great if you did a sequel, its really different! jacksyx
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