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for The Deadly Flower

11/5/2018 c30 Guest
Has to be one of the top stories I have read here on Fictionpress! Thank you so much for sharing it with us :) Loved it to bits
3/2/2018 c30 magicandmyth
This story was amazing! I really enjoyed it. In other words I've been obsessed with it for the past couple days lol. I love the storyline, but I love your characters even more. Especially Callum. I also really like Liam. Dahlia's amazing as well. 3 If there's a sequel, I'm definitely gonna check it out. Since this was completed in 2013, I have no idea if you ended up writing the sequel or not. Doesn't matter to me either way. The ending was pretty satisfying for me. :D
10/11/2017 c30 annayh44
Wowwww I just love it !
8/28/2017 c4 Lovethyneighbor
Type your review here. Carmel, Carmel March, Once again you amazed me with your brilliant writing. I swear you are truely artristy emotion. Wonderful story. Thankyou.
7/13/2017 c30 starry eyez
Hi Carmel
Just wanted to thank you for posting your wonderful stories. I have read them all!
I've fallen in love with several of your characters* insert blush and caugh.
More that anything I think you've found the perfect balance. These are well written romances (non too cheesy), with the much needed dose of humor and sarchasm (nice to know there are still those that get sarcasm) *insert eye roll and a smooth plot with the twists and turns in the right place.
So please feel free to write a sequel sono *insert nudge and ;)
7/11/2017 c1 MilkyWaySora
Wow, that sucked me in right away! Very nicely done, thank you )
4/4/2017 c30 1Shira Cullen
This is the best story on FictionPress. Everything about this story, the plot, the characters, the dialouges...everything is so perfect. I really hope you make a sequel to this.
1/13/2017 c30 Adoore
I see growth from the Prologue to here. Congrats!
1/12/2017 c25 Adoore
But I still don't understand why he was pissed!
1/12/2017 c20 Adoore
"Need some help, Sunshine?" is the my favourite line so far. I enjoy Liam more than I enjoy Callum.
1/12/2017 c9 Adoore
I am reading this for the first time. I am a little disconcerted by how quickly D is letting that person in. It seems to be progressing fast but I don't understand why, especially because she doesn't trust easy.
1/11/2017 c2 ADOORE
Everything is sort of confusing at the moment. The metaphorical puzzle pieces are all over the place. I look forward to them slowly piecing themselves together.
1/11/2017 c1 adoore
So mysterious!
7/4/2016 c30 Guest
I really like your story!
6/25/2016 c30 TheOnlyMystique
Heeey! Still waiting for the sequel! I've red this many times all over again for the past years and this story still never fails to amaze me. :)
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