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5/11/2007 c4 2divinexglory
I so totally knew he was a vampire! I should be a private investigator! JK.
5/11/2007 c3 divinexglory
A lot on the character Dahlia; I feel like I've known her some time ago. You are a great story-teller; I have found no mistakes (that I can remember), and I realy love this story. I wouldn't mind buying this if it were published.
5/11/2007 c1 divinexglory
This is a very good start, and though it's short, it really says a lot. Good job (I read this all before, but in business class, so I'm finally reviewing, LOL).
5/11/2007 c8 2Rizzy
I'm convinced all the great men are really really old XD Then again I'm so biased
5/11/2007 c2 2blackdogman
WOW! I just read your story and by the 3rd paragraph I was HOOKED! It's that good! I didn't think that anyone was that good! Hey if you want to read stories about ghostes and everything you should look up KitKun101.
5/10/2007 c2 2Rizzy
Hey there thanks for reading my story! I definitely appreciate your review and ahah so sorry about your cup of tea!

Returning the favor and I'm hooked! Everything flows at the right pace and the protagonist is relatable :D Not to mention Will sounds like a sweetheart!
5/10/2007 c1 6iantoniali

Its awesomee!

Extremely well written, I heart the characters!

I loved every and each chapter of yours, so keep it up!

Your plot is absolutely amazing.

5/10/2007 c8 22marinawings
i absolutely love this story! your characters are wonderful! i am already quite attached to dahlia and callum. and i love the plot. it's so unique. i've actually been working on my own vampire story for awhile now, so it's cool to read someone else's. keep up the excellent work!
5/10/2007 c1 3Agapantha
Hey thanks again for reviewing my stuff. I thought I'd return the favour, but it hardly seems to be worth it - 154 and what not. How do you do it? Must be the summary I reckon, twas a good summary. Do you think you could do mine? No? Oh well.

Sorry, should probably review your story - of course I've only read the prologue and it's quite short so I'm no sure what to say really, only that it was a very dramatic start plot wise and I shall definitely read on. Great Prologue.

5/9/2007 c8 7Euphorialie
Wow. Wow. That was completely mysteriable (I make up words when I get excited). I. Loved. It. I can't wait to find out what happens! And I can't wait for Callum and Dahlia to get to know each other better. I'm hoping for some jealousy of Dahlia between Will and Callum (mostly Will), and basically in general I can't wait for an update. NO LITERALLY, CAN'T WAIT. I'm going to go rock back and forth in a corner until the next chapter is up.
5/9/2007 c8 little fox demon
so cool i hope u continue u really know how to put the plot together
5/9/2007 c5 Euphorialie
I just finished reading this chapter and I absolutely couldn't wait to comment because this was definitely the best so far. I loved how this chapter showed Dahlia in action and I can't wait to figure out what happened between her and Will! This is absolutely amazing and I am officially sucked in.
5/9/2007 c1 4Raymond Lamar Gilstrap
I like this prologue! I really do and it is just a prologue! I can't wait to read more. Thanks for reviewing my story. Hey I have C2 community called the Covenant. You should check it out and if you are interested, I would really like for you to join. I am looking for talented writers on fictionpress and you fit the bill. Just let me know somehow if you are interested.

Until next Time . . . .

PS Chapter Two is up on my story Beneath the Glass Lake so please keep R&R.
5/9/2007 c8 MM
holy chickens. that was a beautiful chapter. i think you already know this, but i love callum. i love the way dalia and him talk with each other. i love the way you write in first person, so its like were with dalia. i love the way you write period. best damn author on here, in my opinion. update soon x. MM
5/8/2007 c2 Rei Sengoku
Another well written chapter in this story. I really enjoyed the tension between Dahlia and Will. Writing in first person has always been rough for me, but you do it quite well and with nice flare.
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