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4/9/2007 c6 ham3
Hi Carm!

Your story is awesome! Interesting, romantic, and a little funny at some points. I hope to see more romance, or just answers about what’s going on.

Thanks so much for reviewing my work! Your comments were very nice.
4/9/2007 c2 32Ammom
Ahh, Vanessa Carlton, a good artist. I thought Paint it Black might have given you an idea for a vampire story, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyhow, I do like the chapter, and I love her name, Dahlia.
4/9/2007 c1 Ammom
Ooh, wonderful intro! It's nicely written, I'd like to see where this is going. :)
4/9/2007 c5 1HighOnAirGurl
i loved the beginning to this! i thought it was really happening... nice twist there. and i like the plot development and the honor you put into the convos. really really really good job.
4/9/2007 c4 HighOnAirGurl
really nice descriptions. i felt like i was right there in the cafe with dahlia and knightly. oh...knightly and dahlia! i get it! theyre going to get together? i hope so. youve made them fit.
4/9/2007 c3 HighOnAirGurl
i like dahlia a lot. a lot a lot. shes got attitude but being in first person and all, you can tell shes gentle and loyal on the inside. very good characterizations.
4/9/2007 c2 HighOnAirGurl
and the smile won out over the rest. a beautiful ending to a beautiful chapter.
4/9/2007 c1 HighOnAirGurl
jeesums. amazing work..and its only the prologue!
4/9/2007 c6 MM
as always...its a awsome chapter! and happy easter to you to!o chocolate bunnies...yummy. update soon coz a cliffie like that is gonna haunt me forever until you do MM
4/8/2007 c6 4Loretta Grazie
cool chapter... ^_^ please update again... at least the action is picking up... thanks for this... ^_^
4/8/2007 c1 14Not Dead Fred
Not a bad thing to have has a last thought...
4/8/2007 c6 21Faith Adeline
ahh I liked it! Ended too soon, a cliffy! lol, update as soon as you can and happy easter!

4/8/2007 c6 Jorda
Aw, what happens next? I couldn't stop reading and then it was just over.. Hope you update soon. Good job! :)
4/8/2007 c6 14CK Shorty
So far, I love each and every character. Aw...Will having a crush on Dahlia but she may not return those feelings? That's always a sucky situation. Well, waiting patiently for the next chapter :o] Very happy that I found this. And...curse you for the cliffhanger! Update as soon as you can :o]
4/8/2007 c5 CK Shorty
I love this story.
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