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3/27/2007 c5 10A Different Kind of Yellow
Hey... don't stop there! It's really getting very good! I love all the descriptive passages, you don't get that enough at fictionpress anymore. Can't wait to see what happens next!
3/27/2007 c1 4Loretta Grazie
I really had a fun time reading this story that I accidentally stumbled upon... Please continue to update... ^_^ ciao!
3/26/2007 c5 21Faith Adeline
Love this story so far, it's excellent and I cannot wait for an update! So be sure to try and update soon! Keep up the good work!

3/25/2007 c5 2Ree-Rai
Oh, who are they?

I'm a new reader(you could say) and I can't wait for your next update. This is fascinating so far, and I love it.

Keep going, this is to good to just stop.

3/25/2007 c5 KrazyFrog100
XD I am so terribly happy when I see a new chapter from you, Carmel March. This one was beautifully written, as are all the others. I cannot wait for more.
3/25/2007 c3 Jorda
I'm liking it so far. Sorry I didn't have time to read it all, but I'll finish the rest when I find the time.
3/24/2007 c4 4King of Kings
Thanks for reviewing me! ;)

Anyway, on to your story. Good chapters - you write very well. Dahlia is a well thoughtout character, I like her. And Callum - is he a vampire? The one who saved her, perhaps? I'm assuming, anyway. Good job, update soon. ;)
3/23/2007 c2 6Tomiko90
I really like this! You have a great writing style!
3/23/2007 c1 Tomiko90
This is wonderful! So well written!
3/22/2007 c4 Azynyne
I love how you constantly interweave the weather into your descriptions. The character is very appealing in that she's a normal woman, even her job has a sense on everyday monotony to it. I'm very interested to see where you go with this.
3/22/2007 c4 NAPETXEF
The most interesting chapter is the shortest of em all eh? Nice one though. Is Callum Knightley who I think he is, or does he happen to just be an extra handsome human being?
3/22/2007 c3 NAPETXEF
I think if I got stabbed, I wouldn't have too many people to go to tell my sad story to. :P I'm liking it so far, good descriptions as usual.
3/22/2007 c2 NAPETXEF
Wow, pretty long for one chapter. I like it though. Good usage of words and description.

I have two songs to recommend to you by Akira Yamaoka, sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlyyn. They are "Your Rain" and "Room of Angel". Emotional pieces you might like. Just saying because you mentioned the song you are listening to as you write, I listen to these songs when I'm doing emotional work too.
3/20/2007 c2 4King of Kings
Good, interesting start to the story, well written. I enjoyed this, and I am interested as to what will happen next - I will certainly read on. ;)
3/18/2007 c4 KrazyFrog100
I'm in love with this story. Yes, I really am. I love Dahlia, and I'm already falling for that Knightly guy. Great characterization and great writing.
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