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2/3/2008 c1 9Lily Llynn
This was really beautiful writing and a really beautiful oneshot. So sad, but I love the metaphors to chocolate. A really good oneshot; I absolutely adore. I'm going to go add it to my c2 now. (:
12/7/2007 c1 x3life
aw this was a cute one-shot... like that stuff that seiko did.. but then really depressing.. =( how she couldnt tell him and in the end he found someone else...
11/23/2007 c1 3emotionless-stares
AHH! No...I'm so sad
9/28/2007 c1 22BlorangeForever
I have to say...this is depressing, but your writing is brilliant.
9/2/2007 c1 3Katie Valentine
omg. that is so heartbreaking. dayyum. lol. but i loved it all the same. you write well. :]
8/30/2007 c1 BlackPetal
Cute, very cute. A few mistakes here and there but, for the most part, it was pretty good.
8/2/2007 c1 mer-person
That was really well written, and I love the whole idea of it all. Although, the ending was not exactly happy, I still enjoyed it very much.
6/26/2007 c1 5loves him
oh goodness.

your story is perfect. I have to admit that I was expecting a happy ending, but I guess that this one is much better. is your story angsty? definitely. is it good? mhm. =))
6/24/2007 c1 2Girl On A Strawberry Swing
Aw, that was really cute. And really sad. Very good writing.
4/22/2007 c1 7Salt and Vinegar Pringles
Gauh. It was such a sad ending but I can't help but adore it anyway. Lovely story, very angsty but romantic.
3/25/2007 c1 12Pyrgus
oh... thats so sad/sweet/unpredictable/amazing/wow.
3/16/2007 c1 coffeegirl123
OMG! wow...that was amazing! completely tugged at the heart stings! wow...so completely real! i really loved this because of that fact...its so real...could actually happen...actually does happen...so sad! keep writing!
3/14/2007 c1 1LornaNess
3/12/2007 c1 MetiWriter
awesome :D

tragic endings always the best
3/11/2007 c1 Azzizarukas
oh my god...that was so beautiful. So sad and beautiful...do you think there will be a follow-up? i half wish there would and wouldn't be since I want to see them together but...some things are better just as they are (many disney movies are great examples) not to say that you would ruin this (because i'm absolutely sure you wouldn't) but...I hope you know what I mean. You're a wonderful author.
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