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3/9/2007 c1 xxhanabi
Hullo Jen! This is Stacey. XD

It was such a sweet story - definitely just the right length. And heck, I'm a sucker for high school stories. ^^;;

It was really well written. =) I especially liked the italic-ed POVs from the girl. Plus, the last three lines were GOLD.

The only thing is that I felt you could've delved into "chocolates" more.
3/9/2007 c1 2Elphaba Thropp
Heh heh. Told you I would submit a review as Elphie (or some form of Elphie).

I like this one a lot. Don't take offense at this, but I thought your characters were much more developed than your previous stories; your writing has matured a lot. Wow.

Did you make up the chocolate thing by yourself? I mean that analysis part of it (at the end).

And it had enough fluff (although angsty fluff, really) to inspire me to write the next page of my own fanfiction that I really need to get to work on...



PS: Sheep showed me a picture of you today. Just...wow. You look different. (No, duh, seeing that I haven't seen you for two years). Anyways, I'm shutting up now.
3/8/2007 c1 24xoxluurve

no. . . that can't happen! why? why, damnit, WHY? sigh. . . i wish he could've waited a little longer. & i have a bad feeling that i'll end up like her. it's hard to accept finality, i understand what she's going through. i loved this; it was beautiful. keep it up.

3/8/2007 c1 xPink Blossomsx
That was sad, but it was a great story. I hope you make a sequel for it where it ends happily. =]
3/7/2007 c1 6xx Twilight
oh my that was very good and very sad
3/2/2007 c1 Blue Devil012
Aww, wow, that was a really sad ending but I loved how you wrote this.^^ You should make a sequal where in the end she desides to tell him.
3/2/2007 c1 3Da Vinci at Work
Beautiful. I love it.
3/2/2007 c1 6midnightdee
This is so wonderfully written! So beutiful! Thank you!
3/2/2007 c1 4Nova Light
Cute story. Definetily worth the read :)
3/2/2007 c1 1Distant Dreams
So sweet... Usually I'd say, make a sequel to erase that ending, but this one is just so beautiful in its pain... well done!
3/2/2007 c1 8dragonelemental
Aw, that was a beautiful story. I love her attitude and the way you have written it in the first person, it allows you to make it more emotive so the audience can understand more what the main character is feeling. It is a story which is very typical of life... another reason why i like it so much. A very good read although i would love to hear the rest of it if there is any more! please keep writing!
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