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5/25/2007 c1 59Vigilant
Very D&D. Is this an excerpt from an idea for a novel, or just a stand alone piece? Seems like with a few minor adjustments, could make a very good prologue. Please do let me know, there is a lot of potential here.
5/19/2007 c3 6Carmel March
Wonderful chapter. You've got a real talent for writing realistic and believable dialogue between characters :D Update this as soon as you can!

5/4/2007 c2 Carmel March
This is an amazing story so far. I love the world you've created; it sucks the reader right in. Good job, and I can't wait for more.

3/4/2007 c1 Grayhome
Aha! I love the idea for this, as it's an idea I myself have experimented with. That submission to a god is not necessarily a good thing. Good work, very Promethean!

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