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3/19/2007 c5 BananaPhone
update! plz for the love of me! hehe no plz do
3/17/2007 c5 44Stormer
Hehehe it's still cute! I like this Cam guy - I like it when guys smell nice. It's quite rare but when they smell good, oh it's SO good. Hehe.

Keep writing!
3/16/2007 c5 6Glacier1093
lol :) I like it. I hope you update soon!
3/14/2007 c4 5betweensilence
aww.. it's soo cute! it's simple but it's really fun reading it. i dunno how to explain, really. lol. it's kind of straight to the point but still interesting in its own way. i wonder what's gonna happen next. ^_^

3/11/2007 c3 6A Dizzy Dingo
I likey!
3/10/2007 c2 anon
hehhehehe cameron as in camera

gorgeous too!
3/9/2007 c2 44Stormer
Aw, this is cute! I like your sense of humour too. Write more!
3/9/2007 c1 anon
hey this is cute!

update soon please..

ur chapter is so short no more suspense please
3/6/2007 c1 silverteardropz
GAH! I want more info! It's so mysterious and intriguing. I feel like I should know more, your chapter is too short *cries*. Update it asap, kay? I want to see where this story's going.
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