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for Blood Crossed

5/19/2009 c7 uponatyme
I feel like Elenor was strangely confident in this chapter. In the last chapter she was contemplative and worried about how their actions would affect things, how they would carry one. In this chapter, she seems all nonchalant. I'd like to see a bit more of that uncertainty carry over!

Other than that, very nice.
10/30/2008 c5 uponatyme
Nicely done!

You found a nice balance between eroticism and spirituality.

Loved it!
4/1/2008 c2 uponatyme
Love the storyline, nice branch from Awakening. None of those cliche tie-ins that you come to see from a less thought out spinoff. Oh, and 2years later? Gah, would've loved to see at least a little of how Elenor tried and failed to preach the Book; get some sense of how she's come to the contented lifestyle we see her in now. But, what must be done must be done! Keep up the good work~

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