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4/4/2007 c2 73Eternal Twilight
Hey, you! You didn't fuck up Mag's personality at all. I enjoyed reading her POV. I can write intros with POV's, but get me into a whole story with them: And I suck pretty badly. -blush- I gotta say: That's one thing you'll always have over my head: the talent to be able to write in any type of format: first person, second person, third person; and still make it come out really well. I admit, there were a few spelling errors; but, damn few. I say who cares? -waves it off- You can always fix them at a later time. Nevertheless: I look foward to reading more of this. I'm sure Maggie would be proud. -smiles- See ya, kiddo! ~Your favorite fire demon
4/4/2007 c1 Eternal Twilight
Hey, chica! Nice start to what I think will be a great story. I'm proud of you, Diana: You've advanced and matured so much through your writings; that you leave me in shock every time I read something new from you. That shows potential; and that even though you've always told me I'm nuts: That you have a true talent for letting your words flow onto paper and pen. I should post Molly's story for you sometime; if this place ever loses their idiots who only wish to flame. I'd post it for the adult-like readers; and only them. Anyway, sweetie; I guess I'm off to shoot you a comment on number two. Peace out, and rock on! Love, ~the boss
4/1/2007 c2 zeecrazyeggbloos
i totally love that you did the same chapter in someone else's voice. very cool.
4/1/2007 c1 zeecrazyeggbloos
nice beginning, i'm excited to see where it goes!

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