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for Minority Girl

11/3/2008 c1 4FAx 5
What possesed u to write this?
5/31/2007 c1 5freddykre
Gah, I loved it!

I feel bad cause I haven't reviewed anything of yours (which is mean) and you're the only one who reviews my story (which is nice :))

Any, you're an awesome writer! Yay to that!
5/13/2007 c1 141AllyCred
I was thinking about the ending and i came up with this, don't know if you'll like it not but here goes:

'"I must have been desperate holding her so tight.

My arms around her, our lust a blight…

I know it's wrong, but yet it feels so right"'

I don't know, was just toying with the rhyme and this came to me!

I like this though becoz i am totally sure that everyone has felt like this at some stage or another, i like the rhyme and the rhythm of the whole piece, well done, its excellent!

Finishing old poems, is totally way better than Algebra!

Lotsa Love


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