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for Lycanthrope

4/9/2007 c2 11Swift Sunrise
ooh i like it. yeah, I really like it. The way you describe things gives it this terror that is so real.

keep up the good work

Swift Sunrise
4/2/2007 c2 1AluminumMuse
Awesome, although it still seems to be written like a prolog (maybe it is still sort of part of the prolog? It seems to be setting up for something...) But I would still love to see some more behind the werewolf character development and whatever. Still, I love your style. Reminiscent or Keith's:

(Scroll down; art and writting by her. More can be found at her homepage.)
4/2/2007 c1 AluminumMuse
V. v. awesome. a few minor errors in the first bit, and it could be strengthened with use of some words that fit the discription (think Edgar Allen Poe's style), but overall, simply fantastic.

Sorry for the suckyness of this review.
3/22/2007 c1 11Swift Sunrise
very good. Now I want the next chappie. (hahahahahaha I read that it's coming in April. Don't worry, I'm patient). I do believe though that "the jailer's believe" was supposed to be "the jailer's belief". just a small spelling suggestion... I did really enjoy reading it, though.

Toodles and keep writing!

3/10/2007 c1 DeuxiemeFois
Good story, really keep up the good work it is very interesting, and if it is a five part I want to see where it is going toward to...
3/9/2007 c1 2divinexglory
Haven't finished yet, but I like it so far! Very crepy sounding, and that's good.

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