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for Switching Lives and Sex Drives

5/31/2007 c7 2Rock on an Ocean Shore
Lol. I love your writing style. And characterization. Awesome story.

The last line cracked me up.

Hope you'll continue.
5/28/2007 c7 Cealex
hahaha. Finally they meet :P God Aiden is seriously so vain it's not even funny XD With the whole premature wrinkles.. and he's already starting to work out with Blake's body! Rofl?
5/22/2007 c6 3otter pop
I like Blake. I'm glad he's got a better life. =] update soon
5/22/2007 c6 Cealex
Haha this is awesome. It's sorta weird though... why isn't he more freaked out? God knows if this happened to me I'd go and try to find my real body right away :P And then completely spazz out. And here he is... going out on someone else's date and admiring his body. Rofl XP so great, so great. I can't wait for your next chapter!
5/21/2007 c6 4R-Shindo
Just update. :)

I would be one happy person if you update this thingie.
5/21/2007 c6 1Half-BloodGrlPirate
'bout friggin time. lol. i've been waiting for this. hope u update again faster than it took u to update this, 'kay, BYE!

I lyk it but i think its goin a little slow. but the plotline caught my eye so i'm still reading it. k, later, UPDATE!


5/21/2007 c6 FamousOneLiners
definitely interesting, and it's funny how you make both characters (even the popular one) so comfortable with the fact that they're gay.
5/17/2007 c5 1LaylaLivesLoosely
Ha, great characters. I can't wait to see more.
4/24/2007 c5 2Rock on an Ocean Shore
^_^ Yay for a new update. I just love your characters. They're such great foils of one other.

I hope to see what Blake's reaction to the switch is.

The only thing that confused me was how they switched. Was it during the night? And did Aiden wake up in Blake's body? I think that part could be made more clear.

I hope you update soon.
4/19/2007 c5 1darlingnicotine
omg.update soon! i loved the ending! :D
4/17/2007 c5 2Sarah D. F. Wall
I like. :] I kinda wished the switch would've happened sooner but the introductory chapters were relevant too...:] lol
4/16/2007 c5 4R-Shindo
Update. That is all I have to say. :)


4/16/2007 c4 2Sarah D. F. Wall
Very interesting. :]
4/7/2007 c4 2Rock on an Ocean Shore
^_^ I like where this story is going. The characters and their personalities are definitely becoming more alive. Their flaws seem quite exaggerated, but I'm sure this is to show the distinct difference between the two.

Please update soon. :D
4/4/2007 c4 73xanthofile
hm, anal retentive much? i think i have to reserve judgement on this fic because there's not much for me to go on (only four chapters), but i'm already intrigued to view the reactions to the switch. there are infinite possibilities that can occur, and pretty much all of them promise to be amusing. but then, i rather like to take pleasure in a characters internal/external agony. especially mental, as that's the best kind. ^^

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