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for The RiverMaker

3/26/2009 c1 1ReoDreams

You may not have thought much about my work, but I think very highly of yours! I loved this poem so much I could burst! You obviously worked very hard on it. :D

Thank you for writing this, it's a wondrous piece. :)
3/16/2007 c1 2Casey Drake
I LIKE! *nodnod* it's amazing sometimes...

I love the end...

:) CD
3/14/2007 c1 59radioactive stanica
Beautifully done! I have to add this to my C2!

Best Wishes!

3/14/2007 c1 65Nemonus
Good. Your words are varied and you give a sense of fantasy, with the terms such as Hilt, and of reality, as in the parts about the bridges. The poem has a good point to it. The characterization of the engineer, done by her description, determination, and at the end, pride, is well done. The rhythm and rhyme is almost perfect. "others cliff sides" ought to be 'others' cliff-sides". Otherwise, fine job.

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