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5/3/2007 c4 1The Changeling
I... I'm not really sure what to say. These are both disturbing and hilarious. Erm, not at the same time, I mean. I just think the whole "GET BACK ON YOUR FUCKING CRUCIFIX!" thing was really quite funny. But I really like these, so favourited.
4/21/2007 c2 4Abysmal Tr3pidation
Disturbing yet completely awesome.
4/20/2007 c4 nemivicious
Sort of disturbing, which I really like. And of course, it's an amazing idea. It's different because it's so personal and you don't even try to disguise it like most writers do. So kudos.
4/12/2007 c3 3HatedBeloved
xD Katta, you're so crazy. But I love you anyways.
4/4/2007 c3 acousticbruises
Oh woah! J'adore the idea! Would you mind if I copied it? Please and thanks!


ps: I love the death volunteering one by the way X_X =P
4/1/2007 c2 4Reading W Wench
well, this was rather disturbing, but otherwise it was...good...
3/19/2007 c3 1AluminumMuse
Hillarious and really cool.
3/19/2007 c2 AluminumMuse
Fascinating. (sorry if I spelled that wrong... :/) I love hearing about what other people dream.
3/15/2007 c3 ed
Interesting stuff. Thought I'd have a go at interpreting

some of these (hope you're not too offended).

I thought the first one may well not have been 9 persons as such but nine men. The axeman was a way of getting revenge at men who had not loved you. The person sitting in the chair was you and the axeman was asking you "would you care if I killed these people?" to which you might have replied "they did nothing for me".

I back this up with the fit guy on the bus who is what you would have liked to have happened at that moment (a subconcious Animus or vision of a guy you would like).

The icicles I think are probably just part of your imagination although I'm not sure about the witch, it seems too unusual. Witches melt when hit with water - some reason you would want to hide a witch or what it represents?

The Crucifix generally symbolizes sacrificing and christianity but could be a phalic reference. It could be a reference to an idea that you are somehow sacrificing yourself and that whatever you were doing in that computer lab detracted from that somehow.

Anyway you are the best person to work out what those all mean. I'm just guessing and I don't actually know you.
3/15/2007 c2 3A Nameless Writer
That's intense. I bet you could make some awesome horror movies.
3/14/2007 c2 3pukein ivy
Demented mind, much? Lovely to read. Keep updating please.

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