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for Lullaby

10/1/2007 c1 3sarobando
beautiful yet simple. good job on it!
4/24/2007 c1 11A Dark Ray of Hope
aww, i love this one. it's really pretty. my compliments to your special person who wrote it. ^_^
3/28/2007 c1 9stalkerlesson101
i know that feeling and that place. i really like this. it may be brief but that breviety conveys how deep the emotion is and lets you know if you have never experienced that feeling before no amount of explanation could ever be enough. Good job!

3/19/2007 c1 96SedateOperateCREMATE

I wish there was more.


It makes me squee in joy.
3/14/2007 c1 lymli
sensual and naive.

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