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12/9/2012 c34 blythely
AWWW RIGHT! all 34 chapters in one night. I hope you're still working on more, because i'm just so, so fascinated by noah and ruth. their whole history is just so damn dramatic and i love the way you write ruth - the way she thinks, freaks out, even pushes people away. i can see her fears and expectations so clearly, and yet you do it in a way that i can also understand the perspectives of other characters in the story and the way they view her, or fear for her, or love her. this is such a beautiful story. you've worked in so many details of jewish culture that i have never known about and it's is really an experience reading this. thank you for writing.
7/2/2011 c34 Dilion
It has been almost a year since this was updated,in all seriousness do you have plans to continue it? or is this the end? Your profile says your continuing the stories you have up and not posting new ones due to the plagerism scam, so I was just wondering. Or are you posting elsewhere? Is there somewhere we can go to read your work thats not on this site?

As a devoted reader I hope you finish it off.
3/7/2011 c34 Alice
I don't review usually because i don't think i ever have anything to say that people would want to hear. but i like this story. i think you should continue it on. just saying.
11/17/2010 c34 kimmmykim
This is the kind of talent I wish I had. Is this the end now, because they are together? For my sake, I hope it is not. It's taken me three weeks to read the entire story, and what a three weeks it has been! I think I can see a bit of Ruth in me. Do you still plan to update?
9/22/2010 c34 i-wish-i-had-wings
i'm completly in love with this story, i love ruth!
8/26/2010 c34 shannon01
yay! can't wait for the next chap.!
8/22/2010 c34 11Jessiquie
Thanks for the update. I feel horrible, but I'm going to agree with your A/N. Something, somewhere just wasn't quite there. My first impression was that maybe it was a bit rushed, a bit too much what we readers want - I know I'm always beging for this, and so I'm guilty - but thats not the case. I read back through some of the other chapters, and its not rushes per say. Ruth is sort of impulsive and everything with the I Love you bit, but I like that. Shes grown up and developed as a character, its good to see. Just like it was good to see Noah walk away that first and second time. Despite agreeing with you, I did enjoy the chapter. I liked how realistic you were. They reasoned their past issues, there was no earthshattering kiss. The world was not dying and being born again or something. Its refreshing and I like it. I really like the line about being willing to give it a go and not being absoultue about their future, its that kind of realism and writing that I've come to adore from you.

Hope the writing is going well, and that you have more to update sometime in the near future when your ready. Pretty sure you know you have readers who are willing to wait as long as it takes either way :)
8/17/2010 c34 1Pixilated
It was a well written argument scene. I just think it was too easy. I like that she was impulsive, it shows she really has changed. I think this is a tiny victory though and there will be many many more. I am really glad you updated, but I wish you would try to give some comedy relief. Too much tension! There is always next chapter. I will be reading, so please don`t make me wait too long. I am terrified you`ll just stop.
8/16/2010 c34 1guardian-of-the-seven-sins
i enjoy the realistic quality of your writing. No fireworks going off during her lightbulb moment, no absolute certainty, as life is hardly ever that, and no happily ever after music as the stare into each others eyes and see there happy future ;) realistic; the best kind of story! keep it up please :)
8/14/2010 c34 MelikaCalva
Thank you for updating.

It was a good chapter, but I agree with your authors note that it wasn't quite there yet.

I LOVE how serious and not 'caught up in moment' it is which is another way to say filled with Lust.

If this is one of the last chapters then I think you could have her make more of a commitment. I mean she realizes in the beginning of the chapter that she has loved him for a long time, years in fact. however, if you are planning on putting another loop in the story it is the perfect lead into the next problem for them to face together.

As always, I loved the chapter no matter what I say in the review...

8/14/2010 c34 ebs12
i like how ruth talks about all the things she knows she'll have to do in their relationship, it shows that she is realistic. still feel bad for noah though, that he loves her that much and all she can say is we'll see how it goes. update soon
8/14/2010 c34 Perfectly Mythical
Yay! You just hooked a new reviewer, congratulations. I couldn't stop reading this story. It's just beautiful. You write like an angel, you know. It's the biggest honour for me, for you to have put this in a place where I can read this. I'm so happy, I could even marry you. (Though, I won't... it was a joke...)

I'm still in Highschool, but I graduate in a couple of years. Anyway, I've read so many stories, I've learned to recognise talent. And you are full of talent.

When you send this book off to the publishers (something that you have to do when this is finished), I can assure you that they will accept it. (They'd have to be crazy if they didn't... like insanely crazy.)

I can't wait until this book hits the shelves, and becomes translated into different languages, and becomes a worldwide phenomenon! Which I believe it will be! This is an awesome piece of art you have written, and it will be the Jane Austin in many centuries to come.

Maybe I'm just a crazy reader who needs to get help. But I haven't been more serious about a story like this one.

I wish you the best for your future. And your husband is going to be so lucky to have you!

Just so you know, I'm a girl.

Bleh, whatever, I still think you're awesome. Much, much better and talented than Stephanie Meyer (who writes terribly, she's not even worthy of being put in the same sentance as you, J.K.Rowling who, may I say is richer than the queen of england. Anyway, I wanted to shout you praise.

You deserve the highest happiness in your life, and anyone that doesn't see that needs to get their eyes checked. You're a fine writer, brilliant and talented.

You know, I'm going to aspire to one day be able to write as beautifully as you do, and be as dedicated to my work as you are.

You're awesome, and I believe everyone should be able to have the onor of reading your writing. Anyway who even dares to plagiarise your work will be facing the wrath of me, and every other fan of yours.

I hope you, your family, and every single one of your friends, your friends friends, and your friends families are alright, and stay healthy. At the moment I have an aunt with 7% chance of surviving the deadly cancer she has. She has a form of ovarian cancer, and has a very, very deep stomach wound. She still has a chance of making it. But 7% isn't exactly the chances that anybody wants to hear.

My cousins are suffering worse than I am. Patrick, my cousin is really, really depressed and worried about his mother. And before he used to be the most cheerful and carefree person I knew.

So I wish you good luck and good health. If you're in school still, I wish you the best for your HSC, if you're in college, I hope you get the highest marks possible, and if you have a job, I hope you get a promotion or rise.

I hope you continue to write this story, and don't get too weirded out when you read this increbily long review. But because you're such a good writer, I hope you've already seen many of these long reviews. Good luck for everything, for your writing, your love life, your friendships, your finacial status, your health, your... I don't know... I wish you good luck for everything. And I hope you have great fortune.

If it bothers you, I'm sorry for writing so much. I get the feel that I'm rambling, but I guess it's because your book has made me so excited, that I can't sit still.

Your book is awesome, amazing, fabulous, gorgous, beautiful, heart-stealing, wonderful, cool, great, it's just. Okay, I've decided that I will give this book every good complement, and all the highest praise that anyone could find.

You're an amazing writer, and I hope that if you ever think otherwise, that you'll look back to this letter and realise how amazing, and how much of an impact you made on someone's life with your book. It's just amazing, and don't let anybody tell you different.

In fact, you can show them this, and ask them why a complete stranger would bother even spending an hour of her time, writing complements, and praise, if they don't like your writing.

You can feel the work, effort and love that you've put into this book, and I think that's why people read, to be able to enjoy and feel the emotions of the book. This book has captured all the basic things that the most awesome book in the world would have.

I haven't been able to praise you enough, I feel, but I hope you get a sense of how highly I feel for this book, and how much meaning is in this book. It's amazing. Words aren't enough to describe it anymore.

Anyway, someone who would die defending your work,and your future, and everything,

someone who loves your book,

someone who can't ever thank you enought,

someone who can't ever praise you enough,

and someone who just might be crazy,

the one who wrote this long review of detailed praise, that took over an hour to write;

Kayla Brown.

P.s. It really was an honour. I'm not capable of making a joke like that. Thanks so much, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a zillion times. I'm so honoured to be able to read this wonderous piece of art. It really is the most amazing piece I've ever read in my lifetime, and I hope to read more. (Though, I'll probably be busy with school work, as I am now.)

8/14/2010 c34 pinkeclipse
im glad they had a conversation on their feelings instead of running away from each other again!
8/13/2010 c34 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
I missed the story so much!

Can't wait for more!

Have a great weekend!
8/13/2010 c34 ramenrandomness
Aw finally!But I think it's good that they each had time apart to grow up and know what they want

I'm oozing in gooey happiness. Update soon!
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