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3/17/2007 c1 flies.like.decay
Umm.. No, I didn't figure out the theme. Lol. It sort of seemed like somebody finding hope and then changing, but that's just in my mind. Lol. Yes. I am going to make this review extremely long so I won't have to return to my math. Lol. Jk. But the thought is nice... Hm... "The fruits of labor" reminded me of something you'd read in the Bible. Are you Christian? Lol. Almost everybody on the site is, I think. And the people who aren't are Marilyn Manson worshippers. Hehe. Well, his music is okay... but I don't think I'd worship anybody with a nose that ugly. It just bugs me so much. I am... the Boy George loving freak. Except I don't actually love him. Hehe. Okay, goodbye. Nice poem, by the way.

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