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for Three on the Hour

4/3/2008 c1 46stained blue
this is beautiful,

and it's not written in the shitty angsty way i write either,

just beautiful,

and i adore the way you format it; it's so simple, lovely.
3/19/2008 c1 22dawnimoya
i loved the style of this poem, though the rhyming was a little inconsistent, which broke the flow abit. other than that, i love it! :DD
3/17/2007 c1 44Lisa98
I definately enjoyed this poem.

not heart wrenching like so many that i read

but nice

and it made me smile

I enjoyed the easy going way i feel about it

but it isn't ditzy either it is with care.

different and nice

fine job : )
3/17/2007 c1 hey maria
I liked the structure a lot, but I would suggest sticking to the rhyme scheme throughout the whole poem. Nice job.

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