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for The Lighthouse's Tale

3/21/2007 c1 6lux in tenebris
My gosh... I have been meaning to read and review this forever. But it is so SAD. Very creative, though, to tell a story in the point of view of a lighthouse. A good choice, though, I have to admit. There has always been a sort of mystery about lighthouses... I don't know what it is. It's probably just me. =)

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE how you write. I don't believe I've ever reviewed one of your stories before, but I know lots of others on Fictionpress know me... I am a big fan of DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPHS! YES! And you have made my day, I have to say. The way you described him, the man in the story, made me able to actually see, or at least imagine what he looked like. And man, I do happen to LOVE love stories, even sad ones.

Well, I'll stop gushing about it and cut right to the chase. I think very highly of this one-shot and I think it's made itself a place on my favorite list. =)

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