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4/12/2007 c7 flies.like.decay
I only have a problem controlling my anger in my head. That's the disgusting place where I imagine I'm stabbing people and watching them bleed, ha ha. But I don't usually tell people that because they'd up my meds. The ones I don't take, ha ha. Yeah.. They say I'm depressed and I've got a social disorder. (Probasive Developmental something or another), but the truth is that I got sick of people telling me that "nobody was listening" and decided to talk to people who *ahem* didn't have a choice. You, for instance. You may or may not reading this, but I never have to know. That's what I like about the Internet. Everybody on here is "soo sweet". (Who am I kidding? The people I use to talk to screamed at everybody they didn't know/like) But yeah. I've never had any trouble with boys. I had one boyfriend and word got around that he was going to dump me, so I said "Why are you telling everyone but me?" and it was pretty much OVER. We fake-cried about it in gym and then he moved on to somebody else. Big deal. My "broken heart" was due to a girl who was there when my parents were not. Ha ha. I've got all these sick love poems inspired by her. Sick. Sick, sick, sick. She really just wanted me to make sure her boyfriends still liked her. I knew , but I did it anyway because my parents were gone all the time and I was mad and even the dumb chick telling you this needs somebody.
4/12/2007 c6 flies.like.decay
I am sick of other people telling me who I am. Ha ha. People told me I was a Lesbian. And then when I said, "Fine, I'll be gay if you want me to" they broke out the Bible and told me how wrong it is. It's soo annoying. And my mom was always telling me stuff like I'd be the one to come home fromm sixth grade camp pregnant, or I'd be the one we'd have to watch out for and then I skip school 'cause some dumb ass motherfucker was rubbing himself all up against me and my father asks me why I'm causing my mother so much stress. What the FUCK? She pretty much granted me the permission to do whatever I want and I get in trouble over it. Like, that's what we get for telling our daughters how they're going to be.
4/12/2007 c5 flies.like.decay
I stopped all the junior high bs and transferred to ECOT. But there were different reasons for that, ha ha. Oh.. If I start reviewing you on EVERY chapter, I'm really sorry. Sometimes I just aboslutely MUST tell people what I think even if it's... pink flowers are beautiful.
4/12/2007 c4 flies.like.decay
Hm.. When I watch crime shows, I think about how the person feels when they're going to jail. Do the regret their decision? Does it hurt even worse there than it did in society? How does the government punish them for killing and then turn around and do the same fucking thing? "They're dangerous". What happened to the saying that people can change? Ha ha. So I'm really confused... I don't know what's real and what's not because your summary said something about dreams...

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