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4/8/2017 c1 Lady Colombina
Hello! I have news that are not so good. I am a user of Wattpad and I recently found out a user named Zoellamay has copied and pasted this book naming it the same title as this book. They took complete ownership of the book and people believe they are the original author when you are. I know about this because my sister's book was plagiarized by the same person, as well as a couple of others. Please help us stop them and report them so they won't steal anyone else's work. Here is the link to "their" book: 367039819-a-little-bit-crazy-1-a-fish-out-of-water
3/26/2017 c18 Guest
Nice cute wonderful ...keep writing ...
12/21/2015 c18 sonder this
I had really liked the beginning premise for this; a bookish girl who one day meets some random customer that gave off misleading signals of being a stalker. And the more chapters I flipped through, the more I became interested in seeing how this kind of relationship would develop when it turns out they used to be childhood friends who are now estranged. But as the story came along, I couldn't help but notice how judgmental you made Carrie out to be; I'm not sure if it's specifically your thoughts that unintentionally came through her voice or that truly was her character but for instance, the way you described Laurel and her friends through Carrie's eyes - how girls who are caked-face and dressed in scandalous clothing are instantly categorized as dull, desperate sluts. If you were intentionally making an immature character then alright, I can see why you inserted that comment but if immaturity was not your intent then it just gives the reader this impression of Carrie being hypocritical. A girl who is afraid of being judged, yet does it so casually to others. How can she judge a person by the 'cover of their book' when she has never even met them before? Labeling and superficially grouping people is an easy mistake made by novice writers so be careful of that - because (ideally) we should know by now that every human being is much more complex than the image s/he projects to the social world. Of course, my latter comments do not matter in the context of writers who want to make a judgmental character, only to develop their character over the course of the story but for this story, I did not get that vibe for Carrie's character which is why I am leaving this critique here.

There were other instances too, such as the one where she called herself boring simply because she loves to read. By making that comment, I feel she never really accepted that part of herself. And offhandedly implied in the same space that people whose only activity was reading were dull creatures. And while yes, it was quite obvious that she had low self-esteem, by the end of the story, I felt like she still equates any activity that is not reading to be the better, fun side to life. Perhaps you did not intend that kind of message but how Carrie's POV was written, it came off that way.

Lastly, the last couple of chapters of Carrie making that... 'make-Seth-squirm' plan - her reasoning for it had sounded plausible at first (of standing up to people and finally putting her foot down) - but the execution seemed like unnecessary additional drama. Her other reason of doing this to prove to Seth's friends that she can, in fact, get a boy just further reinforced the image of her immaturity. Yes, I know she is a teenager and as part of growing up, we have our moments of 'I cannot believe I did that.' But it seems like Carrie feels that her person can only be validated through other people's acceptance of her, which is not a healthy way to live, and I can understand that kind of thinking if it had happened near the beginning or the middle of the story but since this occurred near the end, it feels like Carrie's character has barely grown.

It has been years now since you last wrote this so there's a possibility that your characterization in writing has improved by leaps and bounds but since I will never know unless you come back to this site with another piece of work, I'll hope that in the mean time you won't take my constructive criticism as offense.
5/3/2015 c18 3gyoung
Loved this ending. I enjoyed your writing very much. It's easy to follow through the story and you go straight to the point. Thanks for writing :D
5/1/2015 c1 gyoung
The first few lines convinced me; I want to read this story :)
1/21/2015 c18 It's 2019
Thanks for sharing this funny, unique and 'a little bit crazy' story! :D
9/13/2014 c18 cryin bc of this
this was so cute oMF i died
4/17/2014 c18 1twiinklex
Very cute, refreshing and unique story! I was expecting more drama / conflict / heartbreak / tears - things you would find in about 90% of the romance stories on FP - because I'm a sucker for those type of things, so the simplicity of this light-hearted story surprised me. Yet it manages to be engaging at the same time with likeable characters. Well done on your realistic and well-developed female protagonist, who's someone with flaws yet doesn't come across as whiny or annoying (and she's able to admit to them too) and someone people can relate to. She's very original and not loud-mouthed / sassy like many of the female leads on FP stories.

Love the pizza job as a subplot.. very interesting indeed. A wonderful read especially since I was in the mood for something fluffy and light hearted but engaging. Definitely checking out your oneshots! :)
2/17/2014 c18 9Cookie Seller On The Dark Side
Oh wow, that was amazing!
12/6/2013 c3 Jess
I like your chapter titles, they're pretty creative :-)
12/6/2013 c2 Jess
Oh wow, u had me in splits at the last dialogue...guy and their typical minds :D
12/6/2013 c1 Jess
Wow, I've only read the first chapter and Im already hooked! Ur an awesum writer :-)
11/8/2013 c18 mightya
Great story! :)
8/15/2013 c8 yommy gomge
8/14/2013 c4 2awaitingthedawn
oh my god I couldn't stop laughing for the whole thing! I love you!
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