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11/7/2008 c1 JaseyxRae
I love this already. Hilarious! I'm gunna go read more now :)
10/5/2008 c1 3Duuude
her fish committed friggin SUICIDE!

Wow, no wonder I got hooked on this story soo fast. It's soo hilarious.

Haha. Awesome first chapter. I just wanted to re-read it.

Angelo.. XD

That's funny, since my name's Angela. Like the male version of me. . .

I know someone called Di'Angelo.. that's kinda close to my name to.

Anyway, I'm off topic. This is good stuff. You have serious talent. =)
9/26/2008 c18 1PeterMoore
this was a good story
9/7/2008 c18 3pandorka42
Just saying, you rock. Your writing rocks. Your characters rock. Your plot rocks. And I don't have a better word to use than 'rock' at eight in the morning...I haven't slept all night. I'm really just being lazy and my brain is being dysfunctional.

But it rocks (and is stupendous). x)
9/5/2008 c18 7MyDecoy

Loved it.

xD Especially when her parent found out,

I loved the way they found out xD.
9/3/2008 c2 MyDecoy


I love this story already

hahahaha xDD
8/24/2008 c18 4Mealine

That was really good. And so sweet.

Crazy people are much better than normal, subtle ones.
8/15/2008 c7 1claireponcherrii
Excuse me? New York a "patriotic state"? I'm sorry, but Massachusetts is WAY better. I mean seriously, hello? Just kidding. I love your story. Just saying that Massachusetts rocks harder than New York. :)
8/15/2008 c1 claireponcherrii
“They must feel threatened if they’re sending boys over here to watch me! Well, if they think I’m competition, good. I am competition! We make better food over here than they do, anyways. Let them worry. If that boy ever comes back, Carrie, tell him we’re watching him!”

8/11/2008 c8 1Liv Ramatta
Lovely, lovely! I'm only at chapter eight, but I'm dying to read more in the morning! :D !
8/10/2008 c2 2cool4kats
Enjoying it so far!

Also, in this chapter you talk about the guy in batman and red eye as a psycho... but he is in other films as well and he is AWESOME! just sayin'.
8/6/2008 c18 3Not Who I Look Like
Very good story, i enjoyed it!
7/29/2008 c18 5Oyuki
i loved ella when i was 13. i liked the movie too but it had nothing to do with the book. i loved this story. carrie was so insecure and seth was cute. aww.
7/27/2008 c3 999FloatingFatCats
this story is so cute :D
7/24/2008 c18 Katallist
I loved it. Nice beginning. Very catchy! Great read. (Sorry for the choppy sentences)
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