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7/31/2009 c23 1Candescence
Haha! I loved the ending. I half expected Madison to run up and kiss him. That would've been something.
7/11/2009 c62 1JenniVu
Madison is a Kincade...WOW! I kinda guessed that she was someone rich but I never knew she would be a KINCADE. No offense or anything but this story is a tad bit to long for me. I'm mostly jsut skimming over all the other things until I get to the part with Madison. NO OFFESE! Your story is FANTASTIC I would jsut rather read about Madison more. After I finish reading the sotry, I'm gonna re-read it so that I can read the parts that I skimmed.
7/11/2009 c60 JenniVu
OMG! He FINALLY had sex. I'm surprised! WOW! I'm glad its Madison he lost his virginity to.
7/7/2009 c30 JenniVu
How did the necklace cause her to lose so much money?
7/6/2009 c17 JenniVu
I thought that Brad didn't have a mother. You explained it in one of the earlier chapters...
7/4/2009 c1 JenniVu
I don't get it. Are the Rags the poorest families out of the school (Other then the charity people) but still rich?
7/4/2009 c19 Anonymous
no! why is arion doing this? she has to choose btwn darick and dorian! noo! love this story :]
7/4/2009 c19 Anonymous
Omg! tabitha is a lesbian! nice twist ;]
6/28/2009 c7 Anonymous
You are a truly amazing author!
6/15/2009 c100 me
i absolutely loved it! i am so glad to have come across this story. it was incredibly well written and i was kept on my toes waiting to see where the plot would turn next. thanks for writing!
5/25/2009 c100 AsianPearl101
Wow! that's not at al what thought it would be like in the end. But it was still a really great ending and I liked it alot. and now that you're done with this story, can you please start wriing Lotus Blossom? PLEASE!

4/26/2009 c1 Reader
read your story a while back but fell behind in chapters

now i've just come back from watching hana yori dango the drama(korean version)

and have a new found appreciation for your adaptation of the story

it made things more fun for me... before the story seemed to be dragging, but now i know which characters are who from the real story and etc.

i'm still behind in the manga though.. but everyone is saying the drama is better anyway

i guess i just thought i'd let you know you have another reader who will probably stick around =P

wow... how self important did that sound...

anyway, i'm having fun reading your story

i hope you're having fun writing it


keep on keeping on

4/12/2009 c1 2deathanddawn
One of mi fave stroies eva!
3/31/2009 c100 1Crimsonlover4
Oh my friggin goodness! Talk about coming full circle! Though I'm not exactly jumping up and down with joy, I have to say that I loved how you managed to tie everything together in terms of how their relationship started/end and I commend you for delivering such a great piece. The way you've written up the characters and how each one developed in their own way was wonderful/skillful, to the point where they became real people with real issues so I guess the ending is fitting for the course of the story since it shows ppl don't always get the endings they want. I know I'm going on and on about this but its just that this story transcend itself into something else and that was all due to your handy/trusty writing skills. Thank you very much for sharing this work with us and I hope you'll continue to deliver such great pieces... okay, i promise I'll be done after saying THANK YOU! :)
3/31/2009 c100 Ugh
Bo. :(
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