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for Cerulean Harbor

4/2/2007 c7 21insane in the brain
Wow, so bittersweet...
4/2/2007 c7 12sunflowersing
Yay! Awesome chapter! Don't give up Derek! :-( I'm excited for the next update on Monday.

4/2/2007 c6 5starmom
Just wanted to know I'm loving the story! (read Ch 7 on your website) Can not wait for more...but I guess I have to don't I. :P

Keep up the awesome work!
4/2/2007 c6 Izzy Iccey
i just love it. i just want to kill kate.waiting for new chater.
4/2/2007 c7 1Amashandel
I really like your story, Madison is a great girl and I admire the way she behaves, darick is crazy but somehow i really like him, hope to read more realy son!
3/26/2007 c6 12sunflowersing
WOW! A lot happened in this chapter. I am really starting to like Derek. I thought I'd never say that. Now that stupid f*ing b*tch Kate made Derek doubt himself! Argh! This story gets me so involved! Okay, so I know you said you update only on Mondays, but can we come up with a compromise? How bout this Saturday? Okay. Thats not much time. Sunday? 9:00 pm? AH I don't think I can wait a WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK without having severe stress causing me to break out. We don't want that now do we? So to ensure my mental sanity (and yours), I beg of you to update as soon as you finish the chapter. Okay, I'm being ridicusous, but I can't help myself sometimes. Okay now. So in conclusion of those MANY sentences, that I could have said in one: UPDATE SON!

3/22/2007 c5 3Darkest Dream
you update fast!

can i ask a question? why did you let alan have madison?

I like Darick more. hehe,

keep up the good story.
3/22/2007 c5 JustAnotherGal
3/21/2007 c5 12sunflowersing
That was an excellent chapter you wrote! I cant wait to see what becomes of these tangled up love lives. Would comment more, but homework to be done before I get caught reading when I'm not supposed to. And again... I beg of you... UPDATE SOON!

3/21/2007 c5 Penny
i think that madison and alan should be together, the other guys dont seem very nice. The story is good.
3/21/2007 c1 3Darkest Dream
I love your story~

Update soon.
3/20/2007 c4 12sunflowersing
Another great chapter! Please update soon!

3/19/2007 c2 1Ms.Persephone
Hm...I'm interested. What got me interested was Darkick's character actually. I'm curious to see about him. I hope he doesn't end up as a two-dimensional villian.

Always a sucker for the anti-hero.
3/19/2007 c3 12sunflowersing
Amazing story! Maxine is so sweet! She would be so fun to have around. The twins seem to be more evil in their intentions, and I thought I'd never say this... Darick is starting to sound like the sweetie. Even if Darick does clean up his attitude, I have no doubt there will be several inncidents where he forgets his new found mannars and acts like a cave man again. Anyway, this is such and AWESOME story! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
3/19/2007 c2 1SilvinArrow
O, this has the beginning of a wonderful story! I love the characters and the idea for the story! I can't wait to read more!

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