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for Cerulean Harbor

3/19/2007 c2 21insane in the brain
I love this story! Your chapters are enormous... Now I feel bad about the shitty little 10 pages of crap I come up with for English class .
3/19/2007 c2 12sunflowersing
I hate Darick, and yet I admire him for his "bravery" or rather not giving up on Madison. I LOVE Madison. She is totally KICK ASS! Please update soon!

3/19/2007 c1 sunflowersing
Amazing! Everything in here is great. Story line, plot, character and their development, love interest, writing technique and more.

3/18/2007 c2 15justine dayea
sorry for not dropping by your forum lately. anyways, thank you for sharing this story with us here in fictionpress. It's a bit different from your other works, but still, it has your signature all over it.

keep up the good work.

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