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3/31/2009 c100 Azlin
no no no! :(

this is not how i imagined it to end..

i waited 100 chapters for them to get together... :(



okay, besides me crying and moaning over tht fact.


i love you and your work personally. Although, i admit that i always skip parts and read Madison and Darick's only..

i didn't like how it kind of dragged from one main character to a lot more and i just found it confusing and annoying.

Besides that.. I love madison and Darick and please tell me you will do another story which is a continuation of this!



i love u!

love, Cerulean Harbor's #1 Fan,



3/31/2009 c100 Raging Libra
Finally! They both let it go!

That's really the only comment I have right now, but this has been a really great story.
3/26/2009 c1 indianshine
you based it on hana yori dango?

tats y it seemed so familiar

i'm gonna give it a try mostly cause i saw all 3(4?) versions of the show soo ya
3/22/2009 c98 1Crimsonlover4
OH MY GOSH! (first off, I'm sorry I haven't been able to read/review earlier) I got back to fp and found that you had updated so much, so thank you! :) Anywho, I was like squealing when Madison went to Darick! But then again, she's really not helping her situation if she truly "wants to be/chose" Ethan like she claims she did. She just keeps coming back, especially when Darick just decided that he had to let her go.. And Brianna, Oh Brianna.. after wasting 4 years of her and Joshua's life, she decides to break it off (took her long enough!).. but I guess better late than never. And I totally freaked out for a second when Darick was like "don't fall in love with me" to Brianna, because knowing her, she'd get attached! Just wanted to also say, like always, that you have a gift for writing and I have one more chapter to catch up on.. I'll get on it now! Thanks for the updates, and wonderful/amazing story! :)
3/13/2009 c1 4What Ever You Want
this is really good
3/4/2009 c96 ClaimingUntoughable
hey when are they going to get together derick and madison its getting on my nerves with the fighting hope u can write more soon
2/28/2009 c85 ClaimingUntoughable
hey i want her to be with derick the deserve eachother
2/27/2009 c2 10Lavender Quill
I am really beginning to dislike Darick... This chapter was very well-written.
2/27/2009 c1 Lavender Quill
You write very well. I do not like the inappropriate language, but I realize how it 'adds' to the story. I am now going to read the next chapter.

Lavender Quill
2/20/2009 c95 azlin-enabeh
This story has been one of my fav's in a really long time and IM JUST GETTING REALLY ANNOYED!

94 chapters and Darick and Madison are still not together yet! WHY?

please make them be togetheer son please

i can't stand another 94 chapters before they actually do something!
2/19/2009 c1 Jane-Doe-X
You have an AMAZING story here! Mine don't even fit in the same category as yours. I love the scandals and the switch arounds. Your story keeps me reading for hours and I'm always on my toes. I never know what's going to happen next, keep on writing! And if you'd be so kind please review my stories, I'd love a review or two.
2/19/2009 c95 bleedingsoul98
You're a great writer and all but this story is getting tedious. All Madison ever does is bitch about how Darick is always such a bad influence. I'm pretty sure she has a mind of her own and can make her own decisions instead of acting stupid then blaming it on Darick. Ethan is really annoying also. What straight man is that in touch that with his feelings and can openly admit it. All he does is talk about how he feels which is really stupid and that's why I hate him. The only good character left in this story is Darick because he's honest and is a man about it too, and Brad is ok also because he doesn't BS about anything. Honestly those are the only 2 redeeming characters left in this story. Besides them this story has really lost its appeal.
2/16/2009 c94 1Crimsonlover4
Jeez, it just keeps getting better and better and ahh I love it soo much! :) (I probably say that a little too much, but its true!) I can't believe what happened between Brad and Brianna! Or that Darick was so bold :D! As you can see I'm still in semi-shock about the whole chapter because so muc happened and the way that it was delivered was perfect, from start to finish :] *sighs* I do feel for Ethan, but he needs to step to the side.. which it seems that that's what he's doing to a certain extent. I can understand why Jack isn't too fond of Kierra.. she kind of comes off to strong in trying to be friends, considering the circumstance..Any who, it was a great chapter, each part flowed into the next without a hitch and all that good stuff :] *sighs* I can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks so much for updating and take care! :D
2/8/2009 c93 Crimsonlover4
Omg! lol Thanks so much for bringing such awesomosity to fp :) I LOVE your story (and am sad that it's coming to an end soon but its wonderful nonetheless). Does Francis really think McKenzie'll go for that once/if they're married? And Brianna! I think I'm finally understanding her character more I guess.. I can see how she tries to do some good but leaves out other things, which blow up in her face later on... like with Joshua. Ethan better watch out because Darick's coming after Madison and I LOVED how he was brutally honest and just came out and said that he was going to get her.. Simply brilliant! I really love how you've built your characters and how each have their own personalities and to be able to achieve that means that great talent has to be involved, which you have. Again, thanx for the updates, take care and can't wait to find out what happens next! :)
2/7/2009 c93 azlin-enabeh
I love your story so much, and have been keeping up ever since september, BUT I cant stand it! I WANT MADISON AND DARICK TO BE TOGETHER! PLEASE!
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