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7/16/2007 c9 32Serason
Come on Milo, you can find her! I'm rooting for you.
7/16/2007 c8 Serason
Aww, a scrapbook is such a good gift idea. I can sense the climax coming up, am I right? I'm right aren't I?
7/16/2007 c7 Serason
I felt a pang of sympathy for Miss Main Character girl in this chapter. But I laughed when she mentioned the umbrella. Tara really does need a beat down after what she did. Dumb girl. Dumb goo.
7/16/2007 c6 Serason
Gawd. I laughed again today from this story. You have a real talent for getting a girl's emotions with super accuracy. Haven't we all been a best friend to a Milo when a poisonous colorful goo girl comes along?

Ahh, the memories.
7/16/2007 c5 Serason
In-ter-est-ing. I'm intrigued to know what comes next. I bet colorful goo girl had something to do with this.

No foot bridge? Things are getting out of hand.
7/16/2007 c4 Serason
Things are changing. This colorful goo has to go!
7/16/2007 c3 Serason
So the colorful goo has a name, eh? It made my laugh to read how your main character found out that Tara liked cream soda.
7/16/2007 c2 Serason
Your main character's commentary is cute and incrediably refreshing. I read this chapter over and over to myself whenever I am in a bad mood. It's that calming.
7/16/2007 c1 Serason
Great begining. I like this main character already. I like the pace and the flow, very relaxed.
5/13/2007 c11 18Sophomoric Sage
That was such an adorable little story. Unique in style, humorous, and very sweet. I loved it. :)

~S. Sage
3/20/2007 c10 aytyCS96
w00t! you finished it! I'm so happy now I shall see you tmw have a good night :)
3/20/2007 c11 14FreakierThanThou
Horray! That's great. I loved how Milo went out looking for her, and the ramblings about psycic pencils and goo and umbrellas and whatever else came to her mind. It was hilarious and brilliant. The drama wasn't overdone but it was real and worked great with the character. Simple, funny, and sweet. Great job.

Keep writing,

3/20/2007 c8 nemivicious
This is really good, because it's so relaxed and it's got a great flow to it. I just think that sometimes there's a little too much rambling in the chapters and too much '...' and it can get a little distracting sometimes. It was so much better in the last and second to last chapter though and this is really good and it's a good story. I've said that, haven't I? Good job.
3/19/2007 c6 FreakierThanThou
Okay, I'm laughing now. I love your main character and the ramblings about pencils are the best. Plus the whole colorful goo part and all of your repetitition is hilarious.
3/19/2007 c2 15Loud Silence
Nice beginning. Seems like it could be a cool story. I like the way it's written in first person. Cool description of the group as a Polariod Picture.

Wondering about this sentence "We were sitting at our usual table in the library cafe, books open... eyes twitching." Are you trying to infer that it was bothering them to be doing the work, because that's the kind of image I get.

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