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5/1/2007 c1 28surrealphobia
To stop double spacing hold shift+enter when you reach the end of a line instead of just plain enter. I really like the lines about the clock, it's really amazing the abstract things we inherit that we never thought of before. Nice syntax. Good luck with the double spacing.

Much clown love,

4/13/2007 c1 10Shades Of A Tulip
This is very good, and I'm suprised to see how well you used the clock as a metaphor of some sort. Anway, great poem!
4/5/2007 c1 fire-breathing-kitten
Wow, it feels almost as though I've read this before. And reviewed it.

Anyway, it is still of course awesome, still, and um, I still love the line about the Clock Doctors. And it's still depressing in a good way. The end.

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