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for A Kiss Of Darkness

7/26/2014 c14 Guest
AlI is such a bitch. First the party itself, then the outfit, the flirtIng... and now the kissing?! Hell I hope Alex is gonna leave her after spitting in her face
3/24/2011 c20 2Luv'nLife101
No! You can't stop this story its so good! I will read crave but I still love this story.
12/31/2010 c15 TragicSyn
I liked this chapter! I think with time the sex scenes will get better... There will be more, right?
6/25/2010 c20 Anelir-sensei
I don't normally read rewrites if I've read the original, but this was a good story and I look forward to reading Crave ^^
5/7/2010 c19 dlee21
Totally love this story. You should continue it. I want to know if he could hold himself away from Ali. Alex is so hot! Really love this story. Continue please.
1/11/2010 c19 Imagica
you need to update SON!
12/19/2009 c19 MoonFlower77
I really love the plot of the story! To tell you the this is the first story I have read in fictionpress and I am enjoyed reading each chapter! This story is going to my favorites. Please update as soon as you can! XD

~ MoonFlower77
10/2/2009 c19 9Destiny1406
wow... it's been almost a year since you last posted a chapter. please update soon!
9/26/2009 c19 11Sakiru Yume
Ack! You just left it there. No! You need to write more. More more more more more.

Sorry, that was weird. I really like this story.
6/30/2009 c19 Sayuri. J
What in the mother f- Oh, hey! Looks like you've got yourself a new reader :). I came across this story 2 days ago and I absolutely LOVE it!

I can't believe they were interupted at ~that~ moment *shakes head*. Another few seconds and Alex would have been "home" ¬_¬. I felt just as frustrated and as desperate as Alex when the knock came, argh!

I see you that haven't updated in quite a while... hope you update soon! I'm really lookin foward to the next chapter :)
5/7/2009 c19 clairey
Great story so far..hope u update soon :D
4/20/2009 c7 1artificial destiny
nice chappie

small typo in the beginning 'fully clothes' i think should be 'fully clothed'
4/20/2009 c5 artificial destiny
hahaha. nice chapter. wonder what shelbys doing with him if he hates her that much.
4/20/2009 c4 artificial destiny
i like this story :D
4/13/2009 c19 6Carmel March
Still loving this. I am so sorry for taking so long to review! Just know that I haven't forgotten your story :)

Hope to read more soon!

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