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4/24/2008 c2 madda8lynn
great chapter i have a question is she going to have problems with her wait?

i rteally hope it will not be a year till i read it nexted
3/25/2008 c2 Chowdizzle
Whoa, a year later!

This showed up in my email alert and I couldn't even remember what this story was. I had to reread the first chapter.

I really liked the second chapter - I usually don't like fast moving stories, but it seemed right in this one.

Well, here's to hoping it won't take you another year to update the next chapter... ;)
3/22/2008 c2 Duccia
Coming home from college…

Turning on the PC…

Hi Duccia, you got mail!

Spam, spam, Easter wishes from old aunt ( knitting has never been her thing… She says she is a modern woman…), spam, spam ,( note to herself: install a new antivirus ASAP ) ficpress story alert, spam, spam… Wait FicPress story alert? What? This means that… No it can’t be… But…

New chapter from Lientje46,

Category: Romance

Title: Let It Rain

Chapter: 2

No.Way. Is it really you? I don’t believe it!(starts singing “Happy Together” and dancing around the room with her cat, like Homer did with SpiderPig… The cat, by the way, doesn’t look very “happy”…)I knew, I knew that Easter Bunny would have brought me an extra special gift this year… How are you sunshine? This months without you ‘ve been awful… I thought you didn’t love me anymore! I mean, I knew it wasn’t possible since everyone loves me, but still… I missed you! And Sophia… And James… And Madison… And Tristan ( well, especially Tristan…Hehe…Don’t you just love the Spring?) Never never dare to leave me like that again! I’m too sensitive… My heart won’t handle it… And the world loves me too much to lose me so soon...

Tristan is a marshmallow! Aw… I knew that there was a warm heart under all the roughness… A minute he is a complete ass and the next he’s all sweets and candies ( okay now I’m hungry… Damn food metaphors…) I love his character so far, but I’m dying to know why things are bad at home for him… Would you share this little secret with your fav person in the world( because I am… I know that I am)? Please? Pretty please? I won’t tell anyone, scout’s honor!

*you’ve never been a scout…*

*You’re always so annoying, or this is just my lucky day?*

And the "Brother of the Year" award goes too…*drumrolls *… James! Seriously, how nice he is with his sis? He even gave her a Jimmy Eat World Cd as a gift… Now, do you know where can I find one for myself? I can even give back the annoying little brat I’m stuck with, to buy him, if it is necessary… Oh hi sister, I was just talking about you…

I’ve already started working on arts for this new story with my old, reliable, loyal Photoshop… Mom, Dad, shrink dearest let me introduce you my new obsession!Mwaahahhah…

OMG… I’ve just realized that I’ve never posted my review for the last chapter of SCC…

*Bad Duccia, bad bad Duccia! No more chocolate for you if you don’t write it ASAP…*

*No,please, take anything but my precious chocolate*


*What about my collection of ceramic elephants?*


*And what about the last copy of “How to conquer the world in ten days?”*

*You’re pushing it…*

*Then what about…*

*GO! NOW!*

*Yes sir!*

*And don’t call me sir…*

*Yes madam!*

With love,

You loyal, bipolar, drama queen

11/7/2007 c1 M.D.Irvine
hey! congrats on finishing sick cycle carousel.(yup i still remember it and i still read it!)

i just thought i should look at ur other fic. i kept cracking up cos my sister's name in Sophia and we all call her Soph.

Well i think it was a great intro to the characters-Sophia, Madison, Tristan and James and also to Faye and their family life. I keep hoping that im not right about the event that makes Tristan the only one that understands what Sophia is going through. I guess ill just wait for ur updates since u r done with sick cycle carousel. i love the title and lifehouse :)
6/5/2007 c1 madda8lynn
please continue!

3/27/2007 c1 17angels and effects
Wow, I'm finally here... how long has it taken me? Louisa is a bad girl? LOL... anyway, great starting to a story, although I must have said that before. The name Tristan already tells me he's hot, haha! With a little assholeyness added in, but that just spices the whole thing up. It was kind of rude to insinuate that Sophie's fat though, but I'm guessing that when the person whom Sophie holds dear to her dies (I can't say who it is... this is a public review!), he's going to change. Oh yeah. And hey, guitar! That's like the raddest intstrument ever. :D It's a little weird because I'm so used to Andrew and Maria, but changes are good, of course.

Madison sounds cool, it will be interesting to see how you're going to utilise her. Faye's so cute! I bet she's like Fee, huh? :)

So everything's being set up and ready to go. Looking forward to seeing the end product! Finish SCC and continue this! :D
3/22/2007 c1 Duccia

I'm so glad you finally decided to put up this new story! Aunt Linda always tells you: sharing good, not sharing bad!

I've already told you what I think of this first chapter, since I had the honor of reading it before you put it online ( oh, it's you "Ego"... Come on, be kind and say hello to our dear Lien...LOL), but I say it again, just in case... I LOVE IT! Love/Hate relationship are my favourite... And then Tristan... *drooling all over my keyboard*... Badass, hot guy + Duccia = the New Discovery Channel...Yeah, I think I'll definitely like this story... And before curiosity kills this poor cat with high hormonal activity, I'll stop thinking about who is the person that Sophia is gonna lose... I'm looking forward to reading more... In the meantime, since Spring, the season of love, is already in the air, I'll find a way or two to entertain myself... LET THE HUNT STARTED!

Hope you'll update soon...

Duccia, the Hottie Hunter... ;)
3/20/2007 c1 Chowdizzle
I like it! Tristan seems like such an asshole though, I dunno how I'm gonna start liking him :S

I just re-read the summary, and I hope her brother isn't the one she loses! I like him, he's so nice and sweet.

Well update soon!
3/20/2007 c1 1Box.Of.Chocolates
PLease don't make her brother die! That would suck!
3/20/2007 c1 rocky19
3/20/2007 c1 22effervescent-sentiments
Hmm. I actually liked this. I was a bit skeptical because of the summary... but it was good.

Nice work- the plot is developing. You had a mean little line at the end there that made me want to scream, but that's quite all right.

I want the next chapter! Soon!

3/20/2007 c1 Saraleryn Winter
awesome, I really like how you're keeping it simple and basic for the first chapter! Keep it up!

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