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for Glaring at the Window

12/31/2008 c1 16blue-fires7269
Wow. That was really meaningful. It said a lot in a simple way. It flowed beautifully and it almost made me cry. Great job!
5/12/2007 c1 xXPoeticNightmareXx
Um, yea.
3/27/2007 c1 Sadie
ok.. just so you know.. even though someone deceives you and is a "traitor" to you.. you can still miss them.. just becasue you are separate.. that doesn't mean that all of your feelings for that person just dissapears.. it takes time for you to heal.. k?

3/21/2007 c1 I Have Moved
Wow. You're so good at writing. I Love the questions you add, it shows your confusion. This is similar to my poem 'why now' keep up the good work, Love Shine Brightly
3/21/2007 c1 38DeathMetal18
deep. Thats all I have to say. I would write more but since your right next to me I'll just tell you what I thought.

-Twilight Wolf

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