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8/21/2013 c23 1Amy90
Oh no, it's as I feared! How can you do that? Why are Aiden and Ash so passive? How can they just NOT grab their chance of love? The way I see it, a love of this kind you'll only find ONCE in life. And if you don't grab it and hold ot tight, you'll have to spend the rest of your life with something less strong. And it would be very unfair to whatever partner you chose if he or she was only your second choice and not really your true love. So, if you meet your true love, it's kind of your DUTY to grab and hold it. No matter at what cost. So, the end of this story highly disturbs me since there's no real reason for Ash and Aiden not to be together. It makes me want to cry and write a different ending. So, maybe it was a good story.
8/21/2013 c22 Amy90
But that's terrible! Shouldn't his father try to make him better? Try to help him? I don't think taking away Aiden's life means helping him. This can't be good. And Aiden's guilt makes him act so selfdestructive that he lets them take everything away from him. And even worse, Ash doesn't help him either. She seems to be the only person able to heal him - and yet she runs away and even considers dating some other guy.
If he had died in the accident she would have taken her own life? But now that he's living - but not really LIVING -she will let him continue falling. What kind of person is this girl? That's so mean! If it meant making him better, she should just run away with him (the way her friends did with her when they went to the cabin) and even marry him - she loves him, for f***s sake! I think Ash is still being selfish and afraid of living. But nothing good will come if she doesn't make that decision. It's obvious they need each other. So anything like "staying apart" isn't going to make anything better. And the worst is, there's not even an outward force keeping them apart like it was with Romeo and Juliet - it's all in their heads. That's just plain stupid - if luck and happiness fall to your feet you should bend down and pick it up. - Well, let's see what the next chapters bring on. But I'm fearing the worst. ;)
8/21/2013 c21 Amy90
Well, at least after this stunt with the slashed wrists he's going to get some help.
8/21/2013 c20 Amy90
At least it's a start. Aiden won't be able to take the words back after that. But Tee seems to right, Aiden sure needs help. Hopefully he doesn't do anything completely stupid. Besides, hasn't it occurred to him that his mother would've felt the same guilt for causing a trauma to her kid if she'd survived?
8/21/2013 c19 Amy90
Wow, I LOVE Tee! Cool ending! I'm so glad that at least one character has their marbels together. :D
8/21/2013 c18 Amy90
She can't do this! She's doing everything the wrong way! I can't believe she doesn't realize what she's doing to the poor guy. This is so bad and I'm feeling so bad for Aiden. At least he closed the blinds in time. ;)
8/21/2013 c17 Amy90
I must say, Aiden coming over to her and kissing her on his own initiation wasn't a reaction I'd expected.

But why is Ash being so weak? Travis is right, Aiden doesn't need this on top of his own issues. She should just for once realize that he needs her. Unconditionally. Maybe marrying is not the right thing to do right now - but couldn't she answer something like "I'd love to and I will - one future day"? Or at least tell him why she couldn't say yes at the moment?
I'm feeling so sorry for Aiden and I'm not sure whether this will end well. Ash is messing him up even more, she's playing with him and this is all so wrong. I mean, he even went to talk to her brother, so he's pretty serious about it. I just hope he won't give up and end up killing himself.
8/21/2013 c15 Amy90
I think Ash is being a terrible pusharound. She definitely needs to start acting, waiting until things just happen isn't a way of dealing with problems. She should have broken up with Paul as soon as she realized that she didn't love him. And she shouldn't go with this plan since she knows better. She promised Aiden to wait for him. So now he'll think that she lied to him - again. How can he ever trust her enough to tell her about his mother's death if she acts like this? Now he thinks she's a slut. Poor guy, he must be completely confused and emotionally messed up. And I really really think Ash should listen to her heart instead of listening to what her friends tell her.

I also think, she should have asked him two questions when he said he killed his mother. The first question should have been: "Did you do it on purpose?" and the second one should have been "How old were you?" And, no matter what his answers were, she just should have said, "Thanks, no more questions". And then she should've just asked him again when he'll break up with Dee. Since it would have been obvious that his mother's death can't be his fault. And maybe, just maybe, this reaction from the girl he loves would have made Aiden think about it.
12/2/2011 c1 5christinaxxyo
Great start :)
4/20/2011 c24 2musingSanity
Wow this story was really good. It was so realistic unlike all the other stories where everything is all happy. Anyway I can't wait to start reading the sequel, its so exiting! :)Great story by the way.
3/14/2011 c24 8SpasticLittleGirl
I would squeal, but I'm reading this in class, so I can only internally scream. OMFG THIS IS SO FREAKING CUTE. AND I LOVE IT. AND I LOVE YOU. Actually...I only love Aiden. And Ash together. :) Ok off to the sequel I go! :D

P.S: there were a few mistakes through the story...you got you're and your mixed up a bit...just thought I'd let you know :)
3/14/2011 c23 SpasticLittleGirl
7/3/2009 c25 2akaCHEEKS
aw mann! i really loved that! i love how its so fucking realistic! wow. and the ending was superb! it sorta showed how life goes on. yeah! awesome story!
7/2/2009 c20 akaCHEEKS
wow. this story is really good abd deep.
6/16/2009 c24 jasminangjiamin
acctually, i don't thinka sequel is needed for th story, the ending is alrdy perfect... but since you're writing one... i tink th story'll be great =D
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