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7/23/2007 c24 2LachelleMarie
I loved the story. I do have to agree with you there is no thing like Muse, it sucks being here in America because they hardly come over here at all. They are touring here now and I won't even been in town when they come buy it is unforunate. By the way the moment I saw the title I started singing Echo by the Hush Sound so I laughed pretty hard when I saw that is what you named it after. Anywhos on to the sequel.
7/20/2007 c9 me
I am really getting sick of this. Why can't Ash grow up and get a clue. HELLO if she has a boyfriend then Aiden has every right to. And how can she go from hating and yelling one minute to mauling him one second later? I just wanna slap her! Ugh. I really hope she gets some sense knocked into her. Because that comment she made to Dee was just...horrible. Terrible. I think I like Dee in this chapter better than Ash. And that is saying a lot.
7/20/2007 c8 Someone
Hm...I think this chapter was good. It made Ash think at least. I do think you made church seem a little bit...ominous...but overall its okay. I am not catholic so I suppose I have a different viewpoint of what church is. But anyways...

7/20/2007 c7 why
WHY doesn't Ash break up with Paul? IS SHE STUPID?

And why is Aiden's and Ash's relationship so physical? It seems like that's all there is to it.

But I love the story. I'm hooked :)
7/20/2007 c2 Anonymous
I love your story. It is just so...different. And your writing style is so beautiful. It all flows so nicely, unlike anything I have really read before. It is like poetry. Art. So different and brilliant. This is truly amazing and you should keep up with it. You have talent.
7/19/2007 c24 8Megan-TheWriter
Well I'd just like to say first off that I love The Hush Sound and Echo (the song, and your story). I met the band once and it was totally amazing, my friends and I hung out with them for like 20 minutes and we were all shocked at how incredibly nice and down to earth they were. And they put on a kick ass show...

okay, i'm done...bragging or whatever about that little experience lol.

On to your story :) It's very very nice. I like how the characters grow at the end. It's like...throughout most of the story they're the same then you realize how much has changed and it's like BAM! It was well done because of it's subtelty. Did I spell that right? Oh well.

There are a few typos and grammatical errors in the story but nothing drastic. Sometimes the verb tenses get a little mixed up, but all it would take to fix those things would be just going over the story again, even if it is a bitch to do.

I love Ash's speech. It was great, made me laugh, cry, all that jazz. Very cute.

My favorite part of the story was the way you ended it (before the epilogue) You start it with the Faucet and end it with the Faucet and that was just the most amazing thing, and I loved it. It was the perfect way to end that story. It's like from Stranger Than Fiction where she changes the ending from him dying, even though him dying was the most meaningful thing, well if you compared the two, in your ending he would die.

Wow, I just went a little out there didn't I?

Anyway, basically what I'm trying to say is that I liked your story and I'm going to go a read the sequel, if not right now then in a day or two. Probably right now though. So yeah, keep up the great writing!

7/17/2007 c1 bucketheadkt
Congratulations, Petals In My Hand!

Your story, Echo, has been nominated for Most Memorable Complete section in our awards site, Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards. Keep up the fantastic work! =]

- Katie

SKoW Judge
7/11/2007 c24 9EpicDreamer

I love yur story! I'll be reading the sequel later. I can't really understand the feelings of your characters. I mean, this story is practically unique, I've never seen anything like this. I thought at first that they would just have this affair of some kinf, but then it all turned so angsty.

I didn't understand much of the story, it's all so ... I dunno how to describe it. But great job!

And sorry for going all gramma critic on you, but I think you spell 'Dying" like that not "dieing"

And pigs don't really sweat.

Sorry. = (

On a brighter note - I love your writing style, the descriptions and stuff, you don't over do it. I wish I could be a great author like you. (doubt it would ever happrn, though)

Well, Luv it!

may your life be filled with magic

not a geek freak
7/8/2007 c24 10Experiment 156-SKYE
Okay, I just noticed this. My name's Paige, I look almost identical to the 'Paige' in the story, I cuss like a sailor at times, and I am a sugar addict. That is scary. (and i have a sister named Ashlyn)

On to more important issues...

WHAT KIND OF ENDING IS THAT? that sucked on all levels of suckyness! I mean it was good and all, but what happened to HAPPY endings?
7/8/2007 c22 Experiment 156-SKYE
Will the 'I love you but dont want to hurt you' cycle ever end.
6/20/2007 c25 21Faith Adeline
Aw, I really liked this story and I will most def. be starting the sequel soon! Great job on making a very good story!

6/6/2007 c24 1honey splattered brains
Sad moments . Funny moments with Tee. Weird moments with Paige.

I can not believe you did all this work.

5/28/2007 c24 6jukeboxsabotage
wow. this was amazingly well written. i did notice one typo. lol it's like an oxymoron. that one chapter where they went up to Quinn and Tee's and Janie and Quinn were playing and making out and stuff. you typed "Tee smiled at her..." instead of Quinn.

i can't believe you don't have more reviews than this! it's amazing. i like how you made it realistic and they didn't end up together in the end because he just had too much stuff to get over first. i can definitely see them getting together, but they both have too much issues at the moment and if they got together then, they'd just fight and fight.

so yeah. i'm rambling. GOOD JOB! xox
5/25/2007 c25 14Lily Laurence
Full Story Review: Wow, absolutely unbelievable. You really are an amazing writer. By the end of the story i could really tell how Ash had grown and developed. I cannot wait to read the sequel. keep writing!
5/13/2007 c9 plastic figurine
Nah, I really liked this chapter. Ash's comments to Dee actually made me laugh out loud. Mainly because I can see very similar things coming out of my mouth...
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